LL Bean Boots

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There may not be a boot which is as widely recognized as the LL Bean Boot. You can spot a pair from a mile away, and at least in my region its seems that most people own at least one pair. The reason for this popularity is simple: they’re effective and stylish in a utilitarian way. I cant think of a boot which can handle the snow, rain, slush, mud, and sand as well as the Bean Boots while being this lightweight and good looking. Thanks to Instagram and Pintrest it seems that this 100 year-old design has experienced new popularity, being the centerpiece of many “Pumpkin Spice Latte” posts.
Either way, I can’t think of a boot which as widely adored as these duck boots by both men and women. Blue collared workers, students, children, and heritage style enthusiasts all can appreciate these boots for what they are: perfectly imperfect.



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LL Bean Boots
LL Bean Boots
  1. Got a pair of 12" Maine hunting shoes a couple weeks ago. Great boots!

  2. I’ve always said I’ll get me a pair the last 5 years and never do 🤦🏻‍♂️. Maybe next year i will since I am still beating up my timberland boots. Great video Carl

  3. Just subbed great channel thx for sharing !!!

  4. The leather upper on the LL Bean boot looks cheap and nasty.

  5. I am the youngest of four kids. I grew up in New England. I would get these as “hand me downs” from my older siblings. By the time they got to me they were on their fourth set of feet, and they still wore like iron.

  6. I've had my LL Bean boots and Coat since 1989. Unmatched reliability for me!

  7. I still perfer cowboy booots. These a cool but i perfer my Ariat boots for winter

  8. I have the unlined 6 inch and it is my go to for sloppy weather. Add some good thick socks and it can go well in to winter as well. A classic that is worth the money.

  9. I totally agree! As a student on a college campus, being able to walk through snow and slush every day in these without batting an eye is seriously the best!

  10. Bean boots are like tweezers or diarrhea medicine. You don’t use them that much, but when you need them nothing else will do.

  11. I can't decide if this boot is ugly or cool.

  12. Installing a leather insole helped a lot with the sweaty feet and took care of odders. It also provided a good inner foot traction of my feet as the leather took the shape.

  13. Love my Bean Boots. Have 3 pairs.

  14. These boots are crap now. They are not made the way they use to be. Absolute trash. Stitches come undone leather sub quality.
    If you want a real pac boot or duck boot. Go to “Schnee’s”. Hand made in Montana. The quality difference is visible off the bat.

  15. Currently trying to decide between these or an insulated version and the Bean PAC/Snow boots or a set of Bogs boots for New England snow shoveling footwear. Thoughts?

  16. Always thought they were ugly by themselves, but when put with the appropriate outerwear they don’t look out of place.

    As for the odd forward heel placement, reminds me of the packer heels from Nicks, White’s, etc. which help keep the heel Less clunky and improves walking gait.

  17. Poo on your talking head

  18. Man, I have one of these and daily them for four years. Now, I'm looking for a how-to to resole them, because I can't find any retailer in my country and sending it abroad is too much money.

  19. I prefer blundstones these days but my bean boots are always on the backburner for certain days. Really think LL Bean is in a precarious situation right now in that they're showing the signs of a coming sellout/decline: increased importing, more frequent sales. They would benefit from some kind of heritage line for enthusiasts.

  20. Own 4 pair. Bean actually markets two types of their LL Boots: Maine Hunting Shoes, and Bean Boots. MHS are the original and typically are worn by hunters in the field, and the Bean Boots are for those who want to wear them all day and on hard surfaces. Maine Hunting Shoe :https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/35482?page=men-s-maine-hunting-shoes-12&bc=&feat=maine%20hunting%20shoe-SR0&csp=a&attrValue_0=Brown/Brown&searchTerm=maine%20hunting%20shoe Bean Boot: https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/31179?page=men-s-l-l-bean-boots-8&bc=474-629&feat=629-GN1&csp=f&attrValue_0=Tan/Brown

  21. Saw these and was reminded of the criticism received from the UK military following the Falklands war. Soldiers suffered due to failure of what was then the standard leather based military boot. In the Falklands conditions were continually cold, wet and muddy and some troops had suffered from trench foot. I was in the leather industry and we were told that Special Forces soldiers had fared much better since they had bought themselves boots from either Sweden or Norway. In fact they were composite boots like the Bean Boot but with a heavier thread pattern sole.

  22. Firstly, I just found your channel and it’s awesome! Secondly, I’ve had a pair or Bean Boots for going on 2 years, men’s 8” Gore-Tex and Thinsulate model, and they are flawless until it gets genuinely cold out. At about -5 F and colder they’re not very warm, even with thick socks, and you have to keep moving to avoid the cold. Even standing in line for 20 mins let’s the cold creep in. This is mostly due to the cold radiating up from the sole and lack of insulation in the toe. I did add some LL Bean sheep skin (Sterling wool) liners 2 weeks ago, so we’ll see how they do this winter. That being said, they’re the ideal bad weather boot here in NE Ohio until it gets down to -5 F or colder.

  23. Love mine! I wear them when it's cold and rainy in NC. I read that LL Bean can resole them for a reasonable fee when they wear down. Great review.

  24. As a Brit these to me epitomize American outdoors/wilderness activities along with a Pendleton Shirt. I don’t own a pair of the Boots but I do proudly own a vintage LL Bean field watch made by Hamilton and love wearing it. The boots would be perfect for the winter weather fast approaching here in Austria.

  25. I’ve had them for years, but I cannot break them in. Still uncomfortable for me.

  26. Not to offend but I fr hate these boots

  27. I have the 6 in. Next time I'll get the 6 in. next time I just don't like the tab catching the pant hem.

  28. Those feminine style boots from the website did something to my drangus

  29. Jeez i hate how those boots look so damm much.

  30. Love my Bean Boots for the slop seasons in Wisconsin. They also work really well for utilitarian cycling, tuck your pants legs into the tops of 8” boots and any slop and spray sent up from your bike goes the boot instead of your pants. The soles also grip pedals quite well.

  31. Expensive version of sorel?

  32. Grew up in Jersey had bean boots or knock off's. Now as an adult in SOCAL I wear them when I know the footing will be wet. Dog parks, swampy river park areas etc. Love em!

  33. Love that you covered these, I have Made in England Doc Marten 1460s, they were my first boot purchase (my own money), and I still look forward to Bean Boot season over wearing those. They just fit perfectly with my EEE wide feet due to the rubber's flexible structure and have saved me in constant wet situations. I only started recently applying ArmourAll to them, found out L.L. Bean recommends this themselves, and the boots have been keeping up their strength and breaking in so well that they are my best boots so far, still need Red Wing MocToes and Timberlands to round out the Legendary Boot collection but the only boots I see possibly rivaling the Bean Boots are the MocToes and I am fine with that.

  34. Do a doc martins review!!!

  35. I have a pair and love them. I only wear them in the cold, slushy, snowy, wet weather.

  36. Carl could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves

  37. Do these run big or small? I’m a 10.5 in sneakers and I’m not sure which will do.

  38. I'm from Rhode Island, and I've got strong roots in Maine, several family members actually work at LL Bean, so I've been in these boots all my life! I just cleaned and conditioned my flannel/thinsulate ones for the coming season. Most people in my family have a pair

  39. I’ve still got the pair from when I was 16 and they were trendy in high school In south Alabama. I wear them for the occasional snows here in Charlotte. I gave them new life by oiling them up with some red wing boot oil. I expect they will outlive me because I only wear them for specific conditions that aren’t too frequent here in the south. Great review thanks Carl.

  40. Parents first choice for kids? You really know how to sell boots to men. Of course I own a pair lol. Since you own several pairs, would be nice to see your before/after on a re-sole job from LL Bean.

  41. If you're looking for a proper pac boot you should check out Schnee's. Made in montana for elk hunting. They're a similar form factor to the bean boots but fully recraftable. I would say that the Schnee's Hunter is the Nick's Americana to LL Bean's Red Wing Iron Ranger

  42. I have 5 different pairs (various heights, uninsulated, thinsulate lined, etc). Can't count how many pairs I've had in my life (easily 20-25, I'm in my late 60s), and I know there will be more! Make sure you wear them with mid-heavy weight socks.

  43. I wear anywhere between 7.5-8.5 in sneakers and usually a 7.5 rarely an 8 in boots. I ordered the thinsulate version and went with the size 7. Hopefully they fit good! I'm kinda worried

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