Getting Your L.L. Bean Boots Resoled

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So it was about time to get them resoled, i could have waited a bit longer but it was summer and I’m not wearing the boots, so it was the perfect time to take care of them before winter comes.

I am bummed about the slashes on the back i have no idea how that would have gotten there within the resoling process, but I’m sure this isn’t a common problem, just a few with maybe one repair specialist making an accident, not the whole team as whole making the same mistake, maybe it’s just the one person. Anyways they are great boots and i don’t think the slashed would impact eh life of the boot greatly, if it gets worse i can have them patch it with leather.

Getting Your L.L. Bean Boots Resoled
Getting Your L.L. Bean Boots Resoled
  1. Have you contacted them about their hack job? You paid about $50 for two slashes! Didn't expect that from them.

  2. Looks like they sloppily sliced the box w a razor and cut em

  3. How long you had them before you noticed any wear on them

  4. If any of your leather is damaged they "patch" the area by gluing AND sewing the patch on. Bean is VERY professional in their repair service. Take a picture of your leather uppers if want to be sure . If they find an area that will compromise the boot in any way I assure you they will fix it. Great company. Very sad that some ASSHATS in this world ruined the "repair for free" policy.

  5. You can get free shipping on their website by printing out the pre-made return label. I left a hand written note with my contact info and also asked for a replacement.The leather disassociated from the rubber, but they sent back brand new shoes without any charge. Ll bean has the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Just be clear what you want (repair vs. replacement) there is no lifetime warranty anymore, but they will work with you if you don’t abuse the system.

  6. I’d be pissed about them bending my boots and the cuts but at least an you know Americans handled em

  7. Anyone know if you can get them repaired if you don’t have a receipt or aren’t the original owner? I just found a pair of these at goodwill for $20. The soles are good for now but it would be good if I can get them fixed in the future.

  8. You were being unfair to LL Bean by posting this video: Allow them a chance to rectify the situation.
    LL Bean is a legacy USA company, known for their excellent customer service as was eventually proven by your experience. As you and others have mentioned, I would want LL Bean to repair the cut damage free of charge. You are specific to mention their insoles, errant glue and unrepaired stitching: Remember what you paid for, a 'resole' not a 'repair'.
    There are very few companies that stand by their products anymore because of out-right fraud(not you) or unrealistic expectations(you). I'm glad you went back and posted the link in this video about the eventual outcome. Given a chance, most companies will make things right. If they don't, they'll be out of business…

  9. How tall are those boots? And is there a liner on the inside, thinsulate? I'm looking at getting a pair and I really like yours. Also, could you post a link? Thanks in advance

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