My Backpacking Layering System for 2020 + Budget Items!

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Stuff I Mentioned in this Video:

Arcteryx Skyline –

* Budget Hiking Shirt –

Nike Challenger Shorts –

Buff –

Darn Tough Socks –

App Gear Hoodie –

Patagonia Capeline Tights –

Nike Hyperwarm –

* Budget Hiking Tights –

EE Copperfield Pants –

Zpacks Vertice Pants –

* Budget Wind & Rain Pants –

Mt. Hardware Gloves –

App Gear Beanie –

EE Torrid Jacket –

Zpacks Vertice Jacket –

* Budget Rain Jacket –

EE Torrid Apex 3,000+ Mile Review –

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*** Gear Used to Shoot this Video! ***

– Camera –

Canon EOS R –

– Lense –
Canon EF 24 f/2.8 –

– Sound –
Rode Video Mic Pro+ –

– TriPod –
Targus 360 Trigger Tripod –

——- Music By: Mike Boren ——–

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My Backpacking Layering System for 2020 + Budget Items!
My Backpacking Layering System for 2020 + Budget Items!
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  1. CORRECTION!!! – After weighing it for a 3rd time on a Different Scale, My (Small) Appalachian Gear Co. Hoodie came out to 9.2oz (261g) 🤦‍♂️

    Moral of the Story??? Sometimes it's good to use different Scales & make sure they are calibrated 🤦‍♂️😂

    Hike On,

  2. SOOO, with the liner in the shorts you hike commando??? always looking at underwear options with some of my chaffing issues

  3. Arcteryx makes some of the best clothing available. Great company.

  4. My Appalachian Gear Hoodie is awesome. I don't regret the $$$ at all. Used it for a snowboarding trip as well as the backcountry.

  5. I have picked up some really high end backpacking gear at goodwill.

  6. Reply
    Stephen Verchinski April 10, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    REI silk tights good for a through hike and weighs just about nothing. As for rainpants still OR Helium

  7. Darwin i love your videos! Very helpful. It would be so good when you would let us know prices. Helpful. Thanks. Thanks for the advice.

  8. 2:39 Nice shirt, if you have a YouTube channel to supplement your income! 😀
    Is it also tax deductible? 😀

  9. 3:50 I'm a runner, not a hiker. I have off-brand running shorts that I have worn and laundered several times a week for at least five years. They are still like new, and only cost around $12 at Sam's Club!

  10. I kinda like semi-wind-proof pants that have legs you can zip off. I can see the benefit of adding the EE wind pants to add some additional warm too.

  11. Is there an Arc’teryx Skyline shirt for women? Doesn’t seem to exist…

  12. Whatcha wearing underneath that nike challenger. Boxers? Any special type?

  13. How come you don't go with the Merino Wool stuff?

  14. non cotton rip-resistant pant/short zip-offs. tons of brands almost all are pretty identical, but hiking a lot here in Colorado, being able to switch between pants and shorts as the weather fluctuates from 30F-80F and back is great. wet, dry, cold, hot, these perform well always. you can layer under and over them as needed. but they are always a no-brainer for me.

  15. Well, that and you like expensive gear. Two items could be identical and you would pick the more expensive one because your lizard brain says it’s better because it costs more. You’re also a fad type of person.

    Edit: And you can’t shill for goodwill cloths

  16. Almost 2 years later…how'd that arcteryx work out for ya? Recommend it?

  17. Tell you what though, a pair of really good boxers and hiking trousers really does help you feel more comfortable while you're hiking, especially in humidity

  18. It's pronounced Appalachia.. keep saying it wrong, and I'll throw an "Apple atcha"

  19. Was wondering if you could talk about feet and cooler temps with trail runners? plastic bags, just socks, waterproof socks…. ect ect? I have started carrying seal skinz if there is snow or slush. But, used to use plastic bags and they worked fairly well. Was just wondering how you plan for your feet, trail runners and various temperature situations. THANKS. Keep walking. 🙂

  20. Was your hoodie a little itchy when you got it? Does the itchiness become less after being washed? I just got mine and it’s kinda scratchy.. also mine is like a husky dog it’s shedding all over my clothes.

  21. All that state of the art equipment is great until you run into an angry bear.

  22. Regarding shorts, were you at all concerned about ticks when wearing them, especially on the AT? It would seem that trail pants, when treated with permethrin, would do a better job of keeping the lyme disease causing critters away.

  23. Thanks for including items for the budget conscious. 🌟💫

  24. This was super informative!

  25. Actually I think hiking clothes and shoes and bag are the most important things of hiking

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