Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill

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Ticks are one pest you don’t want to mess with. Once they find a secluded spot on your skin, they use two hook-like structures to tear into your flesh. Then they insert a barbed straw and get to work. If that’s not bad enough, ticks also transmit at least 16 different diseases to humans, such as Lyme. And research suggests that several species of ticks — and the diseases they carry — are now spreading in the US.

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Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill

Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill
Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill
  1. Am so happy that i almost dont go outside any more

  2. Why am i watching a video about ticks when i have lice

  3. Take a cotton ball and soak it with alcohol. Place on head area of tick making sure it becomes saturated with alcohol. Wait for five minutes then slowly remove with tweezers making sure the head is attached. Body should be very limp.

  4. I hate ticks so damn much. They and mosquitos are two things I would utterly wipe from the world if I Could.

  5. I think they're testing some kind of heating CO2 traps in Finland at the moment for research. Here they spread some brain infection causing disease (which has a vaccine), but also Lyme disease that can be treated with antibiotics, but doesn't have a vaccine. With the warming climate they've been spreading further north from the coast, but there's also a new tick spreading from Russia that can stand cold winters much better. Probably the scariest animal in my country at the moment. When climate here gets warm enough for disease spreading mosquitoes, they'll probably keep wrecking the most havoc on people.

  6. They have to find a way to attract them in different spots and extinguish them.

  7. Ticks are easy to kill. Just squash them with your fingernails.

  8. Cold weather killing ticks is a myth….. Frozen Woolly Mammoths from the Siberian Tundra have been found covered in ticks…. I have placed an adult ticket in a film container in a 5 degrees freezer for two weeks and they will thaw out in a day and are ravenous as ever…..

  9. That animal are at my eyes😰😭

  10. Pls dont let the pea shooter get bitten by the tick they might be from dr zomboss

  11. My dog had large fat one and baby yesterday from my yard….stressed me out!

  12. Do not watch this on crystal meth

  13. I actually live in a flat and behind it is a forest we collect apple every three days I hope I don't have ticks

  14. In my area it called 'kutu babi'.

  15. Spoiler alert: they're so hard to kill because no one talked about how to kill them.

  16. Put this creature back in hell plz

  17. Wait really ticks is r hard to kill but us in the Philippines we just put it in saltwater and they r dead

  18. New studies shows that ticks on their front legs has co2 and IR sensors and can detect human and move towards him in 4 meters distance.

  19. Our dogs has ticks and its easy to kill because we use lighter

  20. me watching this video after getting a tick off myself 👁👄👁

  21. When my father see ticks he dropped it on oil to drown

  22. this is punishment for west for disrespecting indian medincine and sanathani culture 🚩

  23. I live in south east asia never in my whole life seen a tick like that,

  24. that why I never put dog or cat in my house

  25. 4:05 correction: ticks aren’t insects (all insects have 6 legs whilst ticks have 8, though having 8 legs doesn’t automatically make something an arachnid), they’re arachnids

  26. I saw this in my dog body and i killed them and also one day i saw it on my body

  27. Putting them, even when not filled with blood in hydrogen peroxide is satisfying. Although I use 35%, but I'm sure 3% would make them suffer and die slowly and maybe painfully too.

  28. It’s easy I just pull them out and burn them with a lighter

  29. No joke when I went to the beach I was seeing something that crawling to me then I hit it so hard and it didn’t kill or hurt it

  30. DDVP 5 used in low volume fogger used to wipe out ticks and anything else it came in contact with. But spreading disease makes people wealthy, so you have in invent Scary Laws to eliminate pesticides.

  31. I know how I'll guarantee you're not going to get bit by a tick.all you have to do is take 1500 mg of garlic a day tablet and I guarantee a tick won't bite you just claim on you that's it because I used to go in the woods I had three or four ticks on me but they would not bite me. That's because the garlic tablet I was taken it's an expensive it don't cost much.

  32. One time I had a tick on me on me for 45 minutes climbing on me on my skin it won't bite me if it you take garlic tablets it's a gel tablet 1500 mg.

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