HIKING CLOTHES 101: What to Wear Hiking (summer hiking clothes and all about layering)

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Today we’re talking all about hiking clothes and layering! This is a solid overview of what to wear hiking with plenty of examples of hiking clothes for women. While a lot of the clothing I show is for summer hiking, the lessons on layering will make it easy to adapt your clothing for colder hikes too. Get more info and examples on the blog here:

◦ Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts:
◦ Athleta shorts (these are similar):
◦ Prana Sky Canyon Jogger (I wear a size 6):
◦ Prana Koen Pant (I wear a size S tall):
◦ Kuhl Horizn Pant (these run a little small):
◦ Prana Mariel Jegging: (another possible option)
◦ Capilene Cool Daily Hoody (my yellow shirt, size M):
◦ Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket (my pink jacket, size M):
◦ Lightweight Patagonia Fleece (I wear size M):
◦ Arcteryx Zeta SL Rain Jacket (I wear size M):

◦ All About Hiking Shoes and Boots:

Sony a6400:
GoPro Hero 8:
Anker Power Charger:
DJI Mavic Drone:
My travel tripod:
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HIKING CLOTHES 101: What to Wear Hiking (summer hiking clothes and all about layering)
HIKING CLOTHES 101: What to Wear Hiking (summer hiking clothes and all about layering)
  1. I needed this video soooo badly. I live in South Texas we cotton it up bc it’s hella hot. All our hike are pretty short maybe 4 miles. We are going to Yellowstone and I laid out all these cotton tops for us. You SAVED us!!!!!

  2. Hi, my family and I are visiting Arches on September 20th. Any tips on clothing for Utah on September ?

  3. I am so glad I found your channel! Thank you

  4. Love your videos! Maybe you can do a future video on more affordable but still good quality clothing and equipment. I could never spend $300 on a rain jacket 😬

  5. Excellent advice. Exactly the system I use with an exception. I live in northern Utah and color comes into play in the desert. Pure white clothing is the coolest combination I've found to hike in. I must emphasize though, loose white clothing, not the skin clinging style as you want air circulation. And one of the most important accessories, a four inch, or wider, full brimmed hat. Baseball caps shield your forehead but little else. In real desert conditions, covering skin is so important. Thanks for the video. Good job.

  6. Loved this. Would love a budget version. If I spend $1000 on hiking I would feel bad when my kids are only eating Ramen….lol (although tempting 🙂

  7. Hi from the UK, I had to look up the word sun and hot weather haha. Our weather is so changeable it can be 23c one-minute ad freezing cold the next which makes for pain with clothing and worse for me as i suffer from temperature control issues. I am struggling like mad to find useful clothes that is able to handle me becoming so hot where the inside is wetter than the outside. So-called breathable clothes are not coping with me and I haven't found any that can. Very frustrating and have spoken to a few females where they too have similar issues. hot flushes don't go down well with hiking, we look like bright red peppers walking around haha.


  8. Dark clothes absorb heat & make you hotter, while pastel light colors deflect the hot suns rays.

  9. I thought under layers were underwear, bras and socks. After the past 18 months, I can’t stand bras anymore. 😂

  10. Very informative! Thanks for sharing.

  11. For my females, especially if you have thicker thighs, I wouldn't recommend shorts. You will chaff and it hurts!! Stick to pants, I learned the hard way, hiked 12 miles with shorts and it was HORRIBLE.

  12. i w0uld love to camp with u

  13. Hi Amanda, do you think I should size up the Arcteryx rain jacket?

  14. thanks so much for the video! i'm going on a day long hike with a few friends and was really struggling to come up with an outfit to wear

  15. I know you said you avoid cotton. Have every tried the hiking underwear or do you just wear the cotton ones.

  16. I love convertible pants for hiking as well. You can start with the full pants, and then zip off the bottoms to have shorts when it gets too warm outside. They are ultra comfortable and versatile!

  17. Excellent video! Thanks so much 😀

  18. Shorts for hiking ??????

  19. You better cover those legs!!

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