Bean Boots – Made in Maine Since 1912 | L.L.Bean

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Meet the L.L.Bean employees who make the legendary Bean Boot and Maine Hunting Shoe. Each piece of footwear is handcrafted in Brunswick, Maine by the most talented and hard-working Mainers you’ll ever find. See our full selection of Bean Boots at

Bean Boots – Made in Maine Since 1912 | L.L.Bean
Bean Boots – Made in Maine Since 1912 | L.L.Bean
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  1. I would like to see an insulated 16 inch version for men of your Maine Hunting Shoe, as well as an optional original 18 inch version in insulated and non insulated versions.

  2. what kind of glue is used?

  3. Do you manufacture your other clothing items in Maine??? NO!!! I bought two jackets… one made in Vietnam, the other in Thailand! Sent them back. F Bean!!!

  4. Am going to order my first pair , I'm in Australia .
    Love the special runs but am curious why you never have an insulated option ?

  5. I wonder if LL Bean buys the rubber bottoms from China? I know Schnees gets their bottoms from Thailand.

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    Cherokee Lake Tennessee November 4, 2020 at 8:32 pm

    Bought my Bean boots back in the late 80s, still wear them every winter. About time for new soles but I hear they don't replace those for free any longer. Guess I'll find out. Not sure if they're still made as good but I've been 100% satisfied with mine

  7. Bean boots is a family tradition living in the snowbelt of northeast Ohio. These boots are hands down the best, and knowing they are still made in Maine just makes them that much cooler. You can tell the people who make them really care about the product they put out, which is why they continue to be the best.

  8. There's 3 things I always have when I trout fish the rivers of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…

    1. My 1940's Bamboo Sears and Roebuck JC Higgins Bamboo fly rod with matching JC Higgins reel

    2. My Auto Ordnance 1911A1 .45 ACP

    3. My LL BEAN Maine Hunters Shoes.

    Just got my second pair- 12 inchers, of the past decade. I don't fish with waders…so a good pair of khakis and your Maine Hunters Shoes do the job fine. My first pair walked river bottoms from Ironwood to Marquette down to Seney. The Yellow Dog, The Fox, The Driggs and The Big Garlic…

    I chase the ghosts of great trout fishermen before me through the woods of Northern Michigan in these boots…the likes of Volkner and Hemmingway…

    Tried, true and tested…a standard by which all others will be measured.

    Excellence in its purest form

    Can't wait to baptize mine in The Fox this summer…

    Only ones I will buy…period

  9. Love these shoes!

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