Presentable Sleepwear: Why You Should Wear It + Essential Styles

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Presentable pajamas: why we should wear them and all the styles you need to know.
Plush Necessities spa robe
Montelle Intimates Bust Support Chemise
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My Victorian nightgown (sleeveless)
Victorian nightgown (long sleeve)

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Natori sleepwear
Natori robes and wraps
Natori gowns

Plaid sleep shirt (similar)
Long plaid nightgown
shearling slippers

Pajama set black with white trim (and more colors)

Nordstrom sleepwear
Nordstrom sleepshirts

Budget sleepwear at Walmart
Pajama sets at Target
Sleep shirts at Target

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Presentable Sleepwear: Why You Should Wear It + Essential Styles
Presentable Sleepwear: Why You Should Wear It + Essential Styles
  1. I have to agree it's disgusting how people dress today. Jeans at a funeral or wedding really? Shame on you all. We use to dress up flying, now it's sweats and jeans. I'm a shame the way Americans dress today.

  2. Natori doesn’t hold up well though, I bought a set and to me they were pricey and I had to get rid of them after only one year. Bad quality. Lots of pilling.

  3. I am so glad that you did this. I have been wondering where ot find nightgowns and pjs that didn't have cartoon characters or words on them!

  4. I saved this video and I have viewed the recommendations and video several times 🙂 I purged the hideous and unflattering items I was wearing after reading your first book but I typically do not spend money on my night time clothing. Now I have a newborn and I’m nursing through the night and I was in need of something to wear around the house late into the evening when i am up with the baby. This video inspired me to invest in a beautiful velvet blue long robe. It modestly covers my sleepwear for my mother-in-law and kids and is flattering so that I feel great around my husband. And as an amazing benefit, it feels like a royal gown. Thank you for the continued inspiration Jennifer. I am a big fan of you and your work.

  5. Dying to get my hands on a silky Old Hollywood style floor length robe!

  6. This was a fun topic. I saw Nikki do something similar. Great ideas and advice.

  7. Hi – What about during our breastfeeding years? Day and nightwear?

  8. love your videos. . . so refreshing. . .

  9. I love the robes from like the 50's so feminine and nice details ..

  10. I really enjoyed this video and topic. I thought it was only I that collected sleepwear. A long time ago I saw an actress on my soap opera wearing a long starched white flowy nightgown so I searched everywhere until I found one. I still have it and wear it. I change my sleepwear and housecoats according to the seasons. I read a book, I don't recall the title or author, but she is from the southern states and was telling about southern belle styles. Also, describing the differences between southern belle and northern style. I guess I'm from way up north, Ontario, Canada. I could tell she was explaining my style as being northern and I really like the southern styles. Anyways she mentioned that a southern belle always dressed feminine and preferred pretty items and nice colours. She stated that a southern belle would only wear something pretty for sleeping. I liked that idea. So away went my old ugly practical sleepwear items I I went shopping for pretty sleepwear. So that is the only type of sleepwear I now own. Great topic.

  11. Love this video! I sleep in chemise,and throw on a robe if I walk out of the room.

  12. My mum says that she saves nice sleepwear for when she has to go to the hospital…
    This kind of things are said by older people, but she is only 60…
    Luckily it has just happened once, but instead of wearing a. Nice set she wore gym clothes🙄
    My goodness!
    Then, I've realized that I do the same but instead of saving them for the hospital I save them for when I sleep at someone else's house… Which means I never wear them too 🙄😂

  13. I would love to be able to wear more sexy bed clothes, but I get SO COLD…. I need cover up to my neck.. So I always need to wear a t shirt under PJ jackets…..

  14. Im due to have my first baby any day now. In my first week of maternity leave I went out and purchased a few nice sets of button down pjamas. Perfect for feeding baby and feeling more put together. Will be especially great for the days that I isolate myself at home to nap and cuddle bub all day! (Although i do intend to get dressed most days 🙂 ) x

  15. I have only a couple of "presentable" sleep wear options, mostly due to the fact that the nicer pieces are really expensive and I'd rather spend my $ on things that people will see instead of something that very few people will see.

  16. I have never really thought about this before. I like it. Thank you!

  17. Just did a late night cleaning of those stained t-shirts and raggedy old sweats. Thank you for the encouragement, I'm Leveling up!

  18. Wow Jason Donovan what a blast from the past 😂!! Love your message always 💯👌

  19. Thanks for this video. Your videos provide me knowledge about what latest fashion trends going on. This video also helped in finding out the best sleepwear for my wife. Also here you guys can see the best pajamas shorts sets for women. Check it out here:

  20. I would love hearing more on sleepwear etc.

  21. I wear tshirt dresses to bed

  22. Jen
    I live at the east coast of the United States and tend to get very cold during my sleep. I wear something like a sweatshirt as my sleepwear, almost 10 months in an year. Can u share some suggestions for the weather like this. What do women who live in colder places, generally wear to sleep?

  23. Lovely exccept that Victorian sleepwear was just so old mother hubbard!!! My hubby would run away!!!

  24. I love to wear realy trendy and cute sleep wear but it HAS to look youthful…. i always get cute PJs and pair them with cute Tees or a cute nightie w comfy cotton tights…. just youthful and trendy…. nothing too much

  25. Oh man I feel personally attacked 🙈 time to get some cute jamas!

  26. I don't wear nightwear. I buy nice comfortable, usually maxi length, dresses that define my bust line and my 'bathrobe' is a scarf and/or cardigan. I can answer the door without a single cringe.

  27. What is the consensus on Silk for bed? I am looking at getting silk pajamas in the sleep "suit" style for my boys and a sleep shirtdress for my daughter and myself. What are the benefits of silk compared to cotton?

  28. my favorite pyjamas were my mom used to make cotton nightgowns and robes – ala Laura Ashley in the 80s. now adays I tend to buy from Soma – I wear them more for lounging – but it is so nice to feel like you have pretty things and USE them. I love your content for that encouragement. kindred spirits.

  29. Even if you live alone, you see yourself, reflected in mirrors, etc, and those glimpses reinforce or ruin our self-image!

  30. This video is so up my alley! I hate wearing any kind of pants when sleeping & am all about the dress life💕 thanks for the suggestions!

  31. Looking gorgeous in those pajamas.. lucky husband as well, a lot of younger men including myself, find you very attractive!

  32. I live in Central FL + I suffer from hot flashes. For the summer (10 mts out of the year) I love cotton "sleep boxers" and combine them with matching cotton tanks. For colder nights I have long cotton PJ pants with matching t-shirts. I make the bottoms myself, that way they are custom fit and I can select fabrics and prints I like. T-shirts and tanks are store-bought, all in solid colors. I have a long sleeve black robe and several "bedtime cardigans" for layering.

  33. Almost everything in the video is of synthetic materials, either 100% polyester or polyblends. Our bodies deserve some breathing, at least at night, choose natural materials, they are also better for environment. When I was a child I wore a long cotton night gown and it would wrap around me and up to my chest during the night, it was extremely uncomfortable, the victorian nightgown reminded me of those times

  34. I like wearing more classy things, because that is what I feel best in, but I also don't think that there is anything wrong with people who feel most comfortable in leggings and tee shirts.

  35. What you say here made so much sense this year 🙂

  36. I respect that you were able to take a 6-month abroad experience and turn it into a bestselling book. I lived with a French woman in her fifties for about two weeks, just outside Paris, and she first presented herself in a giant sports American tee, but had accented it with a red scarf and bold red lip. I think what you miss in your series is that the French women can also be highly artistic. It’s not just about classic timeless pieces. Her look was always slightly bizarre, fascinating yet chic. She was a former actress and professional tightrope walker – for real! Another thing that impressed me, which will make sense to you, is that she produced amazing meals from what seemed to me a bare cupboard. The fish would be delivered, she’d pick up some bread from around the corner, some veggies from her garden, and voila, an amazing meal would be produced! She never snacked and frowned on me when she caught me trying to make a cup of tea apart from breakfast time. I’ll forever be grateful for what she showed me about French life.

  37. Those lace nightgowns give me Arabian princess vibes ✨

  38. Your sleep wears are beautiful ! If we only have beautiful sets of course we will alway look good at night.
    I can’t wait to have children and see them too in beautiful pyjamas. We see too many children dressed like a mess to go to sleep. Cyrillus is an amazing French brand for the whole family.

  39. I love the sort of kimono-ones, the sets with a light-weight robe and a chemise to go under 🥰🌸

  40. *Fewer people dress up. Sorry my mother’s grammar lessons are drilled into my head. Fewer=plural less=singular 😊

  41. I have always worn nice pajamas or nightgowns. I even iron the ones that need it. No sense dressing up for bed if your nightwear is all wrinkled!

  42. You would approve of my collection of pajamas and pegnoirs that I change into in the evenings. I prefer to sleep in the nude but my Peg Bundy cheetah fleece robe is at the foot of my bed in the event of an emergency.

  43. I wear my sleepwear as loungewear. Pretty things that I could be seen in. I don't wear them to bed. But keep them close by.

  44. It is nice to have the robes that come with the sets and if you keep them neutral I guess you could mix & match. It's nice to have a robe if you need to take out the trash you can at least be modest for the neighbors.

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