What is a Sales & Business Development Representative (SDR & BDR Roles)

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The modern sales world has been evolving at a rapid pace, especially in the last five years.

In the past, the general understanding of a salesperson was simple. It was a person that sold products and services. It was a simple sales role where a sales representative sold a product or service.

But now, the sales industry has moved into a place where we have highly specialized sales roles.

For example: SDR, BDR, Account Executive, Account Manager, etc.

Each of these sales roles plays an essential part in the sales process. From sales prospecting, running sales calls, closing, and account management.

This is especially true for any B2B selling where a sales team must work together to turn total strangers into paying customers.

It’s hard to keep up with what each of these roles!

I’ll be breaking down two specific roles: the Sales Development Rep and the Business Development Rep.

Patrick Dang is an international sales trainer who started his career at Oracle in Silicon Valley and quickly became on the top performers in North America in just one year.

After gaining experience in both the enterprise and startup world, Patrick began sharing his knowledge of modern sales students worldwide.

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Ultimately, Patrick’s vision is to inspire others to pursue their dreams and provide the knowledge and tools to make those dreams a reality.

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What is a Sales & Business Development Representative (SDR & BDR Roles)
What is a Sales & Business Development Representative (SDR & BDR Roles)
  1. Hey Patrick. Your video is lit!!! I now understand so much more about the sales field now. It motivates me even more now to get a job in BD.

  2. Great clear and succinct run down. Nice one

  3. Great video and amazing content, thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m currently applying to BDR roles and this video was really helpful!!!!

  5. Great video but you missed the most important thing – what’s the salary range?!

  6. I appreciate the info, brother. It would have been better if you touched on the qualifications for each role. Maybe I missed it, but that would have made the video more informative. Thanks again and love your content.

  7. Love the information! Appreciate it!

  8. What’s the experience for becoming an SDR?

  9. Hi Patrick, who would I specifically outreach to when trying selling anything in the tech industry? I guess like what roles would these people be in that I would directly send my cold emails/calls to?

  10. SDR and BDR can be emotionally draining. Because I'm doing this as well. But, I set up meetings and take calls as well and close them too. A total Sales Role

  11. So I really like the video very well explained but you never really explained the INBOUND just OUTBOUND. So if you can do another video for inbound that would be great! Thank you and I appreciate you.

  12. I was an sdr and its pretty much being a telemarketer. Not too hard but requires hard work to be successful 💪

  13. Thank you for this! Can you make a video on what the best best tech companies for bdr’s are?

  14. Patrick do you have videos on how to go through the hiring process to land a BDR?

  15. Thanks dude, this help me understand what is the rol of the SBR, i was confused about what is the diferrence of BDR and SBR, for what you mentoned is the same rol, so i have a specific question: ¿Why have the 2 roles diferentiated?

  16. Actually another possibility to go is to become an Account Executive Manager training all of those Account Executives to improve their closing ratio.

  17. This video was so helpful thank you!

  18. Hi Patrick, I really like the content you out on your videos. They helped me a lot with my Sales job. I am now working as a BD Manager for a small consulting company. Would you have any tips and thoughts to help with BD in consulting?

  19. Thank you i love it. i have an SDR interview tomorrow hope this will help me

  20. Patrick Dang would you be interested in working with our company? Lawyers Limited. Our people earn in the 175K–300K range. I'm the CEO of the company. You can watch some of our videos and see what we do. We rarely hire but we do have an opening right now. Call me.

  21. Well explained, thank you!!!

  22. I'm currently a SDR and this video is real refresher! Thanks for explaining the comparison of SDR and BDR. Awesome!

  23. Thank you for sharing.Its simple and has important points.

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