PATAGONIA TRY ON HAUL! I spent over $600 on 4 items from Patagonia. Warm Clothes For Backpacking!

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PATAGONIA TRY ON HAUL! I spent over $600 on 4 items from Patagonia. Warm Clothes For Backpacking!

In this video, I unbox my Patagonia Haul and try everything on to show you. It’s my first time shopping from Patagonia so I had no idea about sizing, so I got the women’s things in Large and the men’s jumper in Medium. I will link everything below incase you want to pick these up for yourself. I would say I could have gone for a size Medium so stick to your normal size.

Men’s Cashmere Jumper (Medium)
Women’s Fleece (Large)
Women’s Down Jacket (Large)
Women’s Waterproof Jacket (Large)


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PATAGONIA TRY ON HAUL! I spent over $600 on 4 items from Patagonia. Warm Clothes For Backpacking!
PATAGONIA TRY ON HAUL! I spent over $600 on 4 items from Patagonia. Warm Clothes For Backpacking!
  1. Good set of clothes, for sure will be good for traveling

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I'm about to start my career in nursing and need to buy a Patagonia jacket for the cold hospital, but wasn't sure about the sizing. This video helped me!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ve got the Better Sweater in the same colour as yours because it was half off here as well (Canada). I went to the Patagonia shop and they didn’t have that colour so they gave me a free shipping coupon and I ordered online. Everything looked nice on you!

  4. Awesome brand ,colors, quality…and everything…love Patagonia as well 💯

  5. I went oversized with a crew sweatshirt and the rain jacket— I agree. It adds extra warmth and protection from the elements.

  6. The way you say jumpa is sooo cute

  7. Awesome haul. I try to save a few bucks and check my local thrift shops. I've found quite a few Patagonia pieces with the tags still on for as cheap as 10 bucks

  8. You have great taste in clothing. And the puffer jacket is really amazing 🔥

  9. I can't seem to find the one called down jacket in that color, where did you get it?

  10. The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) is taking patagonia to court for knowingly using products derived through forced labor out of the Uyghur camps in china. Doing this makes patagonia nothing more than virtue signaling hippies. I will never buy another patagonia product as long as I live. Anyone supporting this company supports slave labor.

  11. I love your jackets…worth it every penny

  12. Its ver expensive..but what i respect is their love for the outdoors and way of life recycling is key. I pay for their rep and its made well with great policies

  13. I love Patagonia. I've been wearing their stuff since I was a kid. I've always thought of them as kind of the preppy/outdoorsy brand. Their stuff is definitely very pricey, but I really don't mind paying a higher price for something that I know is excellent quality and is going to last me for years, especially when it's so difficult to find truly good quality these days. Plus, Patagonia's lifetime warranty also makes their higher prices totally worth it. I love knowing that if I ever have any problems with any of my products, Patagonia will either replace it or fix it at no extra cost to me. I just splurged and bought myself a new Patagonia raincoat. It was $150 and I've had my eye on it for months, so I finally pulled the trigger this weekend and ordered it. They were almost sold out of the color I wanted in my size, so I figured it's now or never!

  14. It's an understated fact that Patagonia is the best for corporate wear too, not only can you wear it while trekking, it keeps you cool in the office making sales calls all day

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