Guide to Buying L.L. Bean Boots | Things to Know Before You Buy!!

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Long time lover of L.L. Bean and lifelong resident of New England, it’s only fitting that I know my Bean Boots. Our neighbors to the north east created these boots that are ideal for fall, winter, and early spring.

As great as they are, there are some key points to keep in mind when searching for that perfect pair. Hopefully this video gives you a good idea of what to consider!


Due to the rubber sole, they are quite slippery on ice and slick snow. They are best with a bit of grip, which can be achieved with ice grippers/spikes for snow and ice if needed.

0:00 – Intro
1:42 – Height
2:38 – Sizing
4:22 – Warmth
5:39 – Durability
5:52 – Summary

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Guide to Buying L.L. Bean Boots | Things to Know Before You Buy!!
Guide to Buying L.L. Bean Boots | Things to Know Before You Buy!!
  1. Thanks for sharing this guide to buy boots. I didn't know anything about those boots.👏🤗Good to know.

  2. Purchasing things during the opposite season is such a valuable tip!

  3. What a fun guide to this classic boot. Many moons ago, my mom and I took a road trip to Freeport specifically to visit LL Bean. We hit the store many, many times. Worth the visit. ☺️

  4. Hi Molly Thank you for sharing dear. Fantastic tips. Love your content. New friend from England ❤️

  5. I bought mine at an outlet in Lake George and I pretty much don’t wear anything else all fall any winter! I think mine are the 6” height.

  6. Interesting… I have always wanted to purchase a pair of these boots. Only, I live in hot weather where we don't have any winter months. However, we do get plenty of rain throughout the year. It's good to know about the sizing, thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. I'm away to buy my first pair and I just hope I get the sizing right

  8. Thank you for pointing out the size thoroughly that really hep.

  9. Great video and thanks👍🏼 trying to buy my fort pair and want to make sure I get the right size.

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