Why the Western shirt is the BEST

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The western shirt is EASILY one of the best shirts out there. Here are a few.
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2. TS –
3. F&T –
4. WA short –
5. WA long –
6. HB –

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0:00 – The western shirt’s origins
2:19 – What makes a western shirt
5:03 – The budget option
5:37 – Denim shirt
6:10 – My favorite western
8:14 – High quality, made in the USA
10:05 – Hawaiian western short sleeve
12:12 – Hawaiian long sleeve
13:40 – Offbeat retro look

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Why the Western shirt is the BEST
Why the Western shirt is the BEST
  1. Great review! The Taylor stitch shirts look pretty sweet. Know any brands that are similar but a little more affordable?

  2. I really like the look of the TS shirt… but all out of stock in my size.

  3. A denim inspired fragrance list would complement this video, Versace Blue Jeans anyone?

  4. Your black taylor stitch shirt looks stellar. Thats a nice cut, style, and good details like the white lines (blow awwwaaaay)

  5. Great selection of western shirts! I will have to take a look at some of those, esp the Howler Brothers which I’ve had my eye on for a while. I do have the Wrangler shirt and it’s definitely a good deal at $25. I recently picked up a western shirt from Teddy Stratford, which has quickly become my favorite. I have purchased a number of their dress shirts, and the western shirt is similarly sized – very tailored fit. I initially thought that their zipper closure (hidden, you only see buttons or snaps) was gimmicky, but it really makes the fit feel almost custom, with no bunching.

  6. I don't understand why this has such few views?! I love western shirts. They're effortless to dress up. There are so many choices to make when picking out one of these. Gap/Wrangler/Levi are all good entry level brands, but one cannot help but fall in love and graduate to pricier options like the ones you mentioned! These are hands down my favorite shirts for those reasons.

  7. Love the Rivay shirt! Never been a big fan of shoulder yokes. Do you take your normal size in the Rivay Western? Thanks

  8. Would love to love taylor stitch but feel and sizing is not for those who spend time on the gym with muscle mass

  9. the snaps are not 1800s and hard to repair if they get damaged unlike buttons

  10. I wear Carhartt and Wrangler clothing products.

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