3 Reasons to Wear Real Pajamas

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Pajamas? Yes really. Getting the right pair helps with mindset shifts, visual power, and better sleep. So don’t scrimp on getting a good set.

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3 Reasons to Wear Real Pajamas
3 Reasons to Wear Real Pajamas
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  1. Great video Tanner as usual. If I may make a suggestion. The birds chirping in the background was a slight distraction and I believe you were using the built in camera mic to record this. I've been using a Lav Mic like this one http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011EXBCMQ/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_kVMixb0ATS7G2 . It's been working great for video's i've been shooting lately. It hooks up to your cell phone and using a free recording program you record the sound to your Iphone. It is omni direction so it would cut out the birds in the background and make you sound a whole lot better. Then you just sync up the audio when you edit the video in imovie or final cut pro and turn down the camera audio. Keep up the great work as always. -Nick

  2. Nice to see you reading Robert Greene in your Tanis. Adds to the power of the idea of PJs, which is a good one. I always loved 1930s films with guys in beautiful silk robes, reading and lounging before bedtime. Usually in a castle. Vintage style still rocks. Thanks.

  3. While the pj's are very nice I find it a little ridiculous to be spending $145 on pants that not many people are going to see you in. Honestly you could buy something of a similar look for $20 the fabric wouldn't be linen but it wouldn't necessarily be bad either. If you're gonna spend $145 on pants you should probably just save your money and buy yourself some chinos that everyone will see.

  4. Or you could walk around in your garments like my parents do.. Smh haha

  5. Thanks for the great video. Very interesting.

  6. Nice and instructive video as always, hey… great hair man!!!

  7. What about the suitjama?

  8. Who sleeps in clothes?

  9. Reply
    Juan José Marulanda June 3, 2016 at 12:31 am

    I love this channel

  10. Only pajamas I ever wore were hospital scrubs. Never bought a pair of pajamas only other ones I wore had booties attached. LOL Now its always underwear. But I have seen some great patters. Just not for me.

  11. That tie looks like it's from the year 2005. Who wears thick ties anymore?

  12. i have some pjs but i allso wear nightgowns

  13. "…he was this big, kinda overweight guy, and he was in his underwear…." Hah! My dad too! Slept only in a pair of boxers, and was never shy about schlumping around the house in such a state, perhaps an undershirt added on for a little more "je ne sai quoi."

    Solid advice, something I never really thought about before. Great vid, thanks!

  14. I'm 49 and wear pajamas flannel and broadcloth are my favs been wearing pjs for about 6 years now. I feel the same about pjs it just looks better.

  15. Just something to consider – offer a high and lower end option for your concepts. I agree with this video quite a bit but personally can't spend $100 on pants for instance.

    Of course I reaspect that there are sponsors involved too.

  16. if you're ripped af and average hung, you'll have enough authority, so go work out.

  17. Reply
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classique October 19, 2017 at 1:41 am

    I sleep in my underwear.

  18. I wear Lungi .They are the most comfortable cloth at night.

  19. Pj top is like a stray jacket

    Don’t get the Hanes pajamas set!!

  20. If you have to wear specific pajamas in order to get your wife to respect you then you have bigger issues than what to wear to bed.

  21. I bought some gap boxer shorts to sleep in after my evening shower. Stylish, comfortable, nice inner waistband. Think horizontal stripes.

  22. I love wearing matching long sleeve buttoned pajamas

  23. Most people care a lot less after the get married.

  24. I was 8 the last time I slept in a shirt and wasn’t completely hammered. It’s the most uncomfortable thing ever. Real mean sleep in their birthday suit. That real comfort!

  25. I find the delivery condescending. And are Tani pjs bespoke because the prices are crazy.

  26. What if I have no energy to change clothes that late when I'm almost asleep while standing?

  27. Yes, let's bring back class!!

  28. When i was a teen i used to sleep in jeans, but after 20s i started to test real pajamas and now i know the meaning of real comfy, i even cant fall sleep in anything else other than pjs. I dont spend much money, i buy cheap ones as long as they have the fabrics i like.

  29. I’m sure your wife appreciates it.

  30. 48 laws of power… Good book for pj'n out.

  31. My sister buy a pajama from my birthday .When I read the price tag I asked her for the receipt.110 dollars for a fricking pajama.

  32. Pyjamas, you roll on your other side, and everything tightens up on you. In ur armpit, ur neck, in the crotch. Yea, real comfy, being lightly choked while ur trying to sleep. Anyone else want to spend money on such? Cuz i fucking dont !

  33. You tell us the rest who we are and be who we are I am a dress like a hippie and live like a hippie and I ain't going to change for nobody

  34. OMG! Your friend's dad should have put on a night robe before going over there.

  35. Yeah get your pjammas on & pull them right up to your neck to be on the safe side! Sweet dreams 😤😘😤

  36. Where is the link for pajamas ???

  37. you talk too much

  38. 4th. What do you want your neighbors to see you in if there is a fire???
    I was pajama shopping online when I came across a "dad" picture. Maybe it's because I like cold weather, but I found it VERY attractive (so now I'm here watching pajama videos hahaha) I can just imagine a robe over the "dignitary!" with some nice slippers… 😉

  39. Who the hell is thinking about how they look as soon as they wake up . Actually , newly weds your right sorry .

  40. i sleep in the Nude

  41. 👌👌👌👌🧐

  42. 4:16 everything but the night robe is from Tani but that's what I liked most. Where is it from?

  43. there are fake pajamas?

  44. HAHAHAHA….PJs to bed ?…he has to be consistent?…and for ""style""…WHO CARES,…knobody sees you exept your spouse lol…..ya need to live in the real world…NOT spend a little money on pj's….your skin needs to breath PERIOD….Skin was not meant to have cloth on it 23 hrs a day, minus your shower time lol
    Get a grip, be a real man , and quit worrying about what ya look like….you so have to be a guy that uses moisturizer to I bet

  45. You left out one of the biggest reasons… Maybe somebody's mentioned this… Hygiene. Our skin has oil, that oil is secreted through our pores along with perspiration and eventually ending up on our sheetz. Depending on how often you change your sheetz that oil and perspiration can turn rancid and cause odors and of course discolor a nice bed linen. Peace brother

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