I Bought A 1,200 Pound Pallet of Clothing…

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I paid $300 for a 1,200lb pallet of used clothing!!!
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In today’s video: We bought a pallet of clothing and went through it all to see if we can find anything cool to resell online.Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell so you don’t miss the next episode!


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I Bought A 1,200 Pound Pallet of Clothing…
I Bought A 1,200 Pound Pallet of Clothing…
  1. Very cute u smart huge plastic

  2. How did your friend get his hands on these? He seemed like he was selling then

  3. This might sound a little weird where can I buy bale of clothing like this … Info please

  4. I need some.used clothes to donate to st Vincen

  5. I know you purchased through a buddy but do you know if the clothing was advertised as credential (unsorted donations) or graded? To me, since i didn't see the clothing in bags it looked more like graded than credential. I have seen ads for different types of bulk used clothing and just curious. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Do he have a number or online business

  7. Hello I need a contact for used cloths

  8. How do I get a contact to buy used clothes for reselling

  9. Do you think most of these clothes would be worth it to sell in a thrift store, if you’re not looking for a large profit on each clothing piece?

  10. You should of paid your man $500. He drove it to you. That’s what you agreed upon.

    You could of turned around and resold the massive 1199 pounds to somone for $300. Although I respect you donating it.

  11. I’ve been looking for a place where I can buy wholesale used clothes, May you please share the info? Thank you

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