LL BEAN Brand Review – Clothing to Sell on eBay – Preparing for my Bulk Purchase – LIVE

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Brand Review of LL Bean – I’ll cover what types of clothing within the LL Bean brand sells well on eBay. What styles, colors, and specific niches sell for the best profit. Additionally I’ll focus on pants since I just completed by first bulk purchase of 3000 pairs of New Without Tags pants.
Supplies & Equipment I use in my eBay Business:

12 x 15 Self Seal Poly Mailer:
12 x 15 Flap Lock Clear Poly Bag:
Shipping Scale:
Lighting Kit:
Thermal Printer:
Male Mannequin:
Female Mannequin:
Shoe Storage Rack:

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This video will hopefully show how you can sell a great brand for a great profit on ebay either through thrifting at goodwill or through bulk buying. It will also help me learn how to price my inventory that will be arriving shortly 🙂

LL BEAN Brand Review – Clothing to Sell on eBay – Preparing for my Bulk Purchase – LIVE
LL BEAN Brand Review – Clothing to Sell on eBay – Preparing for my Bulk Purchase – LIVE
  1. Am I first? Good luck on the pallets.. Get that money brother!!

  2. So one thing Luke when you check your listing where are they in the first to pages or were do they land what page? I have been stuck way down on the list!

  3. If you're getting flannel lined that's money in the bank. Even if like 125 pair are flannel lined you'll make you're money back which makes it an incredible buy.

    I'm looking to buy bulk cause I have money to invest but it's not easy sourcing it. Have any suggestions.

  4. Good stuff Luke, kick ass on the pallets! I'm excited for you!

  5. Hi Luke, I would remove "mens" from your search bar because tons of sellers don't put the word "mens" in their titles. It makes the men's sold listings from 35-ish that you show to over 900. Just a tip.

  6. Hi Luke! Awesome video. Two things. 1, regarding top-rated seller discount and free shipping, you get a 20% discount on the FV fee for the item price but not a 20% discount on the FV fee for the shipping price, so when you do free shipping you get the 20% discount on the entire FV fee (e.g., if you charge $6 shipping,; $6 x .09 = $.54 FVF x .2 = $.11 (Final value fee discount that you are not realizing by charging shipping). In the case where you sell all 3000 pairs of pants, you will earn an additional $300 in final value fee savings buy not charging shipping ($150 when the discount does to 10%). So, not too big of a deal. 2. You should check out "promoted listings". These can be used only on multiple quantity listings – Ash you pay eBay a percentage of the sale to have your listings placed higher and search. The more you pay, the better it works. They only take the percentage on sales so there is no fee to use it initially. Think of it as similar to your markdown manager sale price

  7. This is what I've learned about charged shipping and returns. I sell a pair of pants for $20 and $7 shipping. I put measurements in the listing and everything is correct. The buyer wants a return because the pants don't fit. They send the pants back. Since I charged $7 for shipping, my refund is just for the $20 and they paid the $7 to send them back to me. On the flip side, if I sell them for $27 free shipping, they pay the $7 to send them back, and I have to refund the entire $27. There's a big difference. I have a 2.5% return rate and allow 30 day returns for top rated seller status. This is why I charge shipping. Some people put on a restocking fee to cover this, but most buyers get angry when they have to pay a restocking fee.

  8. You have very good and informative videos. Keep up the great work.

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