LL Bean Deal! Free Item!!!

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Hey guys! I get the LL Bean catalog, and on it was a $10 off promo code (no minimum) and free shipping (also with no minimum). Check out my find!!

LL Bean Deal!  Free Item!!!
LL Bean Deal! Free Item!!!
  1. I got a FREE item from LL Bean!!  No tax, no shipping, no nothing!  🙂

  2. Wow!! That is ahhhhmazing!! I need to get that catalog! Awesome sweet deal. I will be uploading something similar that happened to me but at kohls. I love those $10 free gift promo cards.

  3. I love deals like this! I just got a free shirt for my son from Mini Boden for free because of a similar offer! Gotta love it! x

  4. watched and then scoured my catalog stack for it – don't have one….is this a $10 coupon you got for a previous $50+ dollar order?

  5. Okay I am totally kicking myself right now! I got that catalog in the mail and since I didn't really have anything to buy I just threw it away not even thinking about the $10 coupon! I think my mom gets that catalog so I will ask her 😊

  6. Thanks! I just pulled my dirty catalog from our garbage! Lol!

  7. Thank you for sharing …. Free money, who can say no……

  8. Thank you for this! I just scored 2 winter hats for my kids for just $3!

  9. Thanks!  I just got my catalog and placed my order.  

  10. I love LL Bean and just got my catalog! Thanks for the tip and I am your newest subscriber!! 🙂

  11. cool!!  got a catalog today.  thanx.

  12. you are helping my gift list dwindle! thanks.
    also online for LLBean, there is a 10% off on the total order. don't know if you can combine both promos though.

  13. Kohl's used to send me $10 off a $10 or more purchase. I would go and find something as close to $10 as possible. I got a really cute pair of sandals for 2 dollars, a polo shirt for my husband for 3 dollars, a mattress cover for 8 dollars. I was so sad when they stopped sending those coupons.

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