Should You Buy L.L. Bean Boots?

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Should you buy L.L. Bean boots? Or should you get Sorels? Or should you get Sperrys? Or any of the other companies that copy from L.L. Bean’s design? My take is usually the same about these things; if you can get the original and they haven’t gone to garbage quality, you should get the original!

These are the 8″ (inch) L.L. Bean boot in tumbled leather with no shearling, gore-tex, thinsulate, etc. Just plain okay. I’m not rich.

Are they the best boot for winter? Best boot in Maine? Best boot for landscaping!?


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Should You Buy L.L. Bean Boots?
Should You Buy L.L. Bean Boots?
  1. Loved the video! Just an FYI, the waxed canvas boot you referred to has a leather trim so it's not going to be vegan.

    This summer, there were a few small batch 6 inch Bean Boots released that have all canvas uppers.

    I also loved your video on the 585 blundstones! The one thing that the Bean boots have over the Blundstones is that they can be resoled (for $40). There's a repair department in Maine that can do all sorts of work on the Bean boots.

    It's tricky but I would have talked more about sizing, especially between the lined vs unlined boots. Hard to know if you haven't tried them all on at the store. I'm a 9.5 and I wear a 8 in the unlined and a 9 in the lined.

  2. Have you considered acting ?

  3. Didn’t know that were considered preppy or pumpkin spice. Before I knew they were called duck or bean boots I called them logger boots and associated them with just working out in the forest or in a harbour

  4. Size matters…. Pause lol great video

  5. My dad bought a pair of these boots when I was probably eight years old. It was a big expenditure of money for him at the time. He wore them for the next 30 years. He had to send them out to get resolved at that point. Which at the time L.L. Bean was doing for free. Too many people took advantage of that in the worst possible sense. They now charge you $50 to have your boots resoled.
    My dad passed away three years ago. After he passed away, I asked my mom if I could have those boots. When she said yes I was thrilled! I put them on. Even though my feet were the same size, I couldn’t fill those boots. (let’s be honest if you have a real, good dad, filling his boots will be a life long quest anyway) His wear pattern was so different from mine it felt awkward trying to walk in them. So I looked up how to send them in to get them resoled myself. The process they have to get these boots resoled is incredibly easy process. I mailed them into L.L. Bean, they mailed me back a brand new pair of boots.I now can wear the same boots that my dad wore every hunting trip, every fishing trip, every odd job, every time I remember my dad outside. Which was most of the time. The people at L.L. Bean are fantastic to deal with the boots are of outstanding quality. They will last you your lifetime plus your kids. The company is fantastic to work with. It’s not what you get from Sperry. It’s what you get from L.L. Bean. The boots are extremely similar, but it goes beyond that and anyone who’s ever been around L.L. Bean knows exactly what I’m talking about. By these in complete trust that you are getting a top of the line boot. One that certainly exceeds what you see in simply watching a YouTube video about the L.L. Bean boot. When you buy these by them with the understanding that you are taking them like you take a spouse. They will be with you for better or for worse and they will take care of you no matter what you need.

  6. I got the exact boot you have and loved them but they don't come in wide… so I gave those to my wife and got the plain Jane in wide.. wish I could get those in wide

  7. Brand new subscriber to your channel! In the market for some Bean boots and your video helped me with my decision!

  8. Took a weird turn alright.

  9. I bought these and returned them hated them, bad fit, heel glued on, heel too small.

  10. Novice boot wearer. Learn how to tie them without having the laces sticking our.

  11. I wish I’d known about the Bean boots when I bought my Sperry’s last Fall. Though,
    I’m only wearing them when it’s really cold, and are there to keep my feet dry when shoveling and raking leaves. These look a lot better and I think they will probably last a bit longer as well.

  12. just picked up the goretex for half off. Loving your videos snail.

  13. What attention to details… Stitching looks like shit.

  14. Wait…hipsters use these boots for a fashion statement? 🤦‍♂️ I don't stay up to date on those sort of things……….well, at least their feet will be dry and warm 🤣

  15. "And then I didn't like Sonia anymore…" 🤣🤣🤣 duuude, I've been there 😂
    Funny story 3:40

  16. Patina is what copper does when it turns green. Has nothing to do with boots. Just saying.

  17. do you wear them in the summer ?

  18. Is it comfortable wearing 8 hrs ?

  19. They have flannel lined version with a darker upper which is the style I purchased. Love mine. I only wear them in winter, snow or occasionally cold rain. I bought my actual shoe size which is a 9, and so I will wear thicker socks. They are very comfortable and have great snow traction.

  20. Nice Review. Nice amount of detail about an iconic brand.

  21. Growing up in Maine, LL Bean boots were a popular choice in the fall, winter, and spring. Over half the kids at school wore them. They are available with a few different kinds of lining for cold weather or unlined for warmer weather, and different heights. Interestingly enough the design got its start as a waterproof hunting shoe and are still sometimes called hunting shoes. In the fall, winter, and spring while hunting the ground was often wet, snowy, or slushy and no one wanted cold wet feet. Leather boots were popular, but if the ground was really slushy, mucky, or wet, the moisture would soak through the lower part of the leather boot nearest the ground. Enter the rubber bottom. Kept moisture out while the leather upper allowed for some breathability and a better, more comfortable, secure fit. The design has endured and we still wear them today. Rubber lower and leather upper. On a rainy or slushy and snowy day I really like the low cut slip on boots for running errands and commuting. They are the most comfortable and the easiest to pull on and off. Bean’s offers a GoreTex lined model but that’s really only necessary when you know you’ll be outside all day in standing water and or walking for lengths of time in large deep puddles. Otherwise don’t worry the rubber by itself is absolutely waterproof and the leather alone is highly water resistant. Im pretty sure all of the Bean boots come in widths and reliably run a bit big to allow for heavier socks. If you know you’ll wear thinner socks you might want to order a half or whole size down.

  22. When do these boots go on sale?

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