3 Shirts, 30 Wears, Which one is better?

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Between Patagonia, Everlane and Walmart… Is buying a more expensive shirt actually the better call? Or is it all just marketing?

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3 Shirts, 30 Wears, Which one is better?
3 Shirts, 30 Wears, Which one is better?
  1. I've gotta be honest. It's kinda nice to wear coloured shirts again. Support the channel by sharing this video on reddit or join our patreon community! https://www.patreon.com/levihildebrand

  2. Glad to see the two most expensive were made in my hometown country ! We are now proud to be a market that good brand name companies put their trusts on us ! Nice video my man and keep going!

  3. oof. look if you dont wanna wash it. then dont but brand new clothes got chemicals . so wash it on the first try.

  4. It would be great if you do a Fjällraven analysis about cost, environmental responsibility, durability!!

  5. George for the win; I'll spend my money on more important stuff.

  6. Wow, never thought I would be watching a hidden Patagonia ad. Nice production quality with the video btw.

  7. Belly dancing begins at 4:20 and ya’ll welcome.

  8. That $6 shirt looks just fine to me. No T-shirt should cost more than $10

  9. Dude.. not washing our clothe is the biggest secret we have. You breaking the man code here.

  10. Very hard to buy fast fashion after owning a few quality pieces. Patagonia stuff still holds up years later. I got to do business with them and they gave me a tour of their HQ in Ventura. They're the real deal.

  11. Quality never cost as much as it saves. Besides, I'm too poor to buy cheap stuff.

  12. IMO for a fair comparison all 3 shirts should have been the same color or atleast as close to each other as possible

  13. My new idea make t shirts say very orlando

  14. I would purposely never buy a brand if they put “socially responsible” anywhere in their advertising or product. Just make clothes and shut up.

  15. I knew Patagonia would win out!

  16. I am going to be honest, America are doing so little manufacturing ( especially low value low cost manufacturing ) they are now completely abstracted from it. $6 for a shirt is cheap, but isn't insanely cheap at all.

  17. 11:52
    Did you guys evict the Dunphy family?

  18. Sadly, not able to afford shirts like that – not being able to work due to disability. – Even people on low income would never pay that amount for a shirt. Used is always an option but alas good quality clothing rareley comes up in 2nd hand shops as people keep them due to their high quality.

  19. As an English teacher, I appreciate how you speak. It's very clear and easy to understand. I know natives normally don't talk like that, so thank you. Greetings from Indonesia.

  20. Just a point at the start, i live in Florida and sweat a lot. I have to wash kinda frequently.

  21. Hello Levi & Leah… I was wondering if you have ever looked into the outdoor brand Deuter? I would love to see what you can discover therein?? Thx ☺️
    Cheers 🌎

  22. Bro are you wearing a kada on your wrist? That is so cool!

  23. Walmart shirt is best shirt 👍

  24. I wish i could wash my clothes less… but i live in india… it is hot and humid. I end up washing my shorts and shirts every other day.

  25. Personally I hate tight shirts and baggy shirts are always my goto

  26. My cheap ass Walmart gym shorts and shirts are still going strong since 2007. The one pair of shorts has a whole in the pocket but I gorilla taped it and it's been fine for a few years. My one shirt even survived a motorbike accident in Thailand. I've had gym clothes from better brands since then and they've come and gone.

  27. If this video was silent and no numbers i would have no clue. The 2nd one fits you the best but the 1st ones darker color is the best

  28. If I was selling tshirts for $50 i could afford to be as green as i wanted to be too…..js

  29. If you really wanna be sustainable and green go buy used clothes from a thrift store for 10c

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