I wore the same shirt every day for 3 years.

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I wore the same shirt every day for 3 years.
I wore the same shirt every day for 3 years.
  1. Could you get by on a wardrobe this simple?

  2. Three months in at new workplace I am just wearing a black t-shirt everyday to work. Thanks a lot man! Your idea is working out so well for me 💡❤️

  3. Any tips on halloween costumes? haha! I always struggle with the conflict between minimizing purchases/waste, and not being a total bummer. Usually I just thrift, but what have you done? Avoid halloween/costume parties altogether? *Read this in a much less attacking tone than it's coming off lol*

  4. your video really moved my perception.

  5. Could you try a t shirt from this brand called Boy at Heart? Because they are the makers, their focus is heavily on the fit and the workmanship quality which increases durability. Lots of normal t shirts are not made to last.

  6. I also wear black tshirt everday but I don't have a lot black it's only 4 to 5 although i have other colours more than the black tshirt but I don't like them lol

  7. I know someone who wears a White shirt daily and now has his own white shirt

  8. The existential crisis of not being able to find your favorite charcoal shirt 🤣

  9. Would love to try it. Hopefully people have the same reaction regardless which gender the person wearing the same every day is

  10. What brand of t shirt is that ? Looks great

  11. 2 years ago I bought a merino wool sweater. Been wearing that same sweater ever since and nobody ever said a thing. People truly don't care about what you wear.

  12. So how many times did wash it

  13. Only three year. I wore Jeans for 4 year

  14. Plot twist. The reason for the video is because jcrew discontinued the charcoal T-shirt

  15. I’m going to use this information to build a brand.

  16. wrong, the real question that I'm wondering right now is how you wear that shirt in winter.

  17. I really like your t-shirts. Which ones are those? I have solely been wearing plain t-shirts (of different colors, for some reason I feel people will think I have only one t-shirt if I keep wearing the same color over and over. Lol!) for the past 3-4 years but I am definitely on the lookout for durable t-shirts.

  18. i do have some nike brands but now i just buy plain clothes beacuse its cheaper comfortable and all clothes does the same thing people
    only buy designer beacuse there into fashon or just for the brand name and no im not broke i can afford some designer without credit but i choose not to

  19. Do you ever get Matt how tall are you??

  20. Bro is bragging about being an NPC

  21. i was google when do i need to through my old shirt and this guy wore it for 3 years ?

  22. this is my style but after years wearing the same thing no i want to change and wear things and waste time on how i look may be next year or the next i will start but i dont think i will be one of those who buy lots of cloths in general so i may mix and match
    i say if you are young and can buy cloths enjoy your youth

  23. real minimilist wear the same tighty whities for 3 years… without washing them

  24. I have 3 tshirts black grey and beige

  25. U keep going on and on and on and on without any useful information.U wasting my time. I don't give a damn about U , I just wanted to find out about good quality shirt. U had and opportunity and U find blow it. Ah, I posted a dislike and negative review , and you are welcome.

  26. I wish this guy didn't reveal our secrets . . .

  27. same here, I've been doing this for 4 years, jeans and white tshirt

  28. Where u get the charcoal grey t shirt? I’ve done this with white tees for years. Just feel happier and like I’m not trying to be anything other than me in my white tee

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