The best TICK and CHIGGER spray you'll ever use (3 different brands)

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Here are 3 different brands of Permethrin insecticide, how much they cost, and a live demonstration on a couple of unlucky ticks. I’ll show you how to mix it yourself to save money and also discuss the safety and the effect on deer hunting with scent control.

The best TICK and CHIGGER spray you'll ever use (3 different brands)
The best TICK and CHIGGER spray you'll ever use (3 different brands)
  1. anyone have a link for the Martins water-based permethrin?

  2. Permethrin in a HIGHLY diluted form is prescribed by physicians to use on the skin when infested with scabies,which are mites that burrow into skin and multiply. BTW aren't chiggers mites also? Permethrin for tick control is fantastic!

  3. We’re getting a crap load of ticks up here in Nova Scotia 🇨🇦…especially out in the countryside where I am. Transport went & ground up all the little trees & low bushes down in the ditches in my area which released a billion of these horrible demons. Now you can’t even go for a walk down the road. And now we also have the chiggers. It’s been really humid & hot in the last two weeks & it’s unusual. We don’t have access to these products in our stores because of the eco- fascists.
    And because of the scamdemic & customs & ecofascism we can’t travel to go get protection & bring it back across the border. They (our government) always wanted to depopulate us here.

  4. Thanks for the information, I did not know about this product I'll give it a try.

  5. I'm assuming this would also work to treat the yard for fleas. Worth the investment.

  6. Just curious when you said that Permethrin is toxic to fish. Do you, or any of your followers, know if it affects fish when you jump into your lake with your treated clothes on?
    I have a habit of cooling off in the summertime by jumping into my lake, fully clothed.
    I have done this recently and noticed no issues with any of my fish.
    The clothes were treated and dried, as you suggested.
    But I don't know if there is a leaching affect of Permethrin into the waters of the pond when swimming.
    My wife also read an article in a rural magazine saying that Permethrin treated clothes should NOT be washed with other clothing. Any thoughts on that?

  7. I've used it for years with no effects whatso—-WHA WOOOOOOOAH! BIG DOGS! BIG DOGS LANDING ON MY FACE!

  8. Thank you for making this EXCELLENT video!

  9. I was going to try permethrin but I have cats and everywhere you read it says it's harmful to cat's.

  10. Been using the Martin water base. Bow hunting turkey. I set down my small pack, the one thing I didn't spray. Set out my decoy, 2 minutes, picked up the small pack and it had 8 ticks on it that I saw. I sat there for a few hours and none on me. Sprayed the pack when I got home. I also spray the decoy bag. Anything that they can get on so I don't drag em home or in my truck. Got the tip from you. Thanks

  11. What ya do is get some jack daniels whiskey pour it all over the bit up areas get some sand pour it all over the jack daniels what happens is the chiggers get drunks and throw rocks at each other

  12. Thanks for a great video! I bought some of the Sawyers tick repellent from Amazon to spray on my mowing and shooting clothes and so far it’s working great! Don’t forget to get your shoes and socks.

  13. Excellent content … well made video. Thank you.

  14. I have cats so this is a no go for me unfortunately

  15. Gr8 gr8 video my handsome brother thank you I'm trying to convince my partner that permethrin is safe for us to spray on our clothes she's now convinced from watching this video

  16. Some mites are starting to get an immunity to permethrin because of it's wide use. He is right about deer smelling the odor. I know a couple that bow hunts, She ALEWAYS wears perfume. She gets a deer, he doesn't. If they can't smell human, they wont panic. Try the permethrin, if it doesn't work use the petroleum based. Gasoline gets rid of just about anything. So far.

  17. Let it dry after spraying and the smell dissipates.

  18. Good stuff. I use the Sawyer aerosol spray permethrin. No odor with it.

  19. LIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Fantastic video. Thank you

  21. Chiggers is one of the worst threats to man. Goddamnit

  22. Thanks for the information.
    Alabama hunter.

  23. drink a shot and go vote for trump

  24. I want to petmathren what can i do you can help me

  25. I didn't know about Permethrin and cats, and as a cat owner and outdoor enthusiast I can't thank you enough for that bit of info. I've used the Sawyer brand for years and I've never had a tick bite (that I've found anyway). The first time I saw Sawyer the warning label scared the tar out of me so I actually called them. The petroleum smell is the chemical they use to aerosolize the active ingredient. It aids with spraying. It does evaporate along with it's smell, along with the danger of direct skin contact with the product. Permethrin is also the active ingredient in lice shampoo at about 1% concentrate. I didn't however know about the less expensive concentrates, I'll be switching to those so thanks again!

  26. Very helpful video, Catman, thanks for taking the time to put it together! Wall to wall great info!

  27. Cat man rocks more than a turkey killing machine! Thanks L Rob!

  28. Great video thanks allot we have those guys up here in Canada

  29. Man, you got all the good tips about the product, I was thinking about how toxic this is to cats and then you mentioned it. I wanted to purchased this for my yard, but I have cats, so I have to use essential oils such as Cedarwood. Thanks for the video!

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