L.L.Bean Katahdin| built by Chippewa,USA [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]

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made in the usa for LLbean. for more information email me [email protected]

L.L.Bean Katahdin| built by Chippewa,USA [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]
L.L.Bean Katahdin| built by Chippewa,USA [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]
  1. I love the look of these boots a lot but the break-in time has been longer for me than some of the other testimonials here have said. Still find them to be a tad stiff… perhaps I don't wear them a lot because I want to keep them looking so great.

  2. I enjoy mine. Use them for my pleasure travel. I live in Oregon, and I like to walk to wild places. But they look great on a dinner date. Costco merino wool trail hiking socks are perfect match. I use Bickmore conditioner and a little kiwi. I love cordavan. The bad news LLBean went to a china boot. I would buy direct from chippewa. I own other chippewa boots. The are all well made.

  3. Good review. Very knowledgeable. You try hard to be helpful and it's greatly appreciated. Thank you, sir.

  4. Where can you order these online? Are they discontinued?

  5. too bad there's no stores in Canada to try them on……it's even hard to find Red Wings where I am

  6. is there any difference between this and the second version?

  7. So these are the secret cheaper version of the service boots? Like that's the exact same boot

  8. Go to the Bean website. They are imported-made in Vietnam. The quality of Bean's products is in slow decline.

  9. Great advice on the socks. Wool is the way to go in my book. Danner, smart wool and Filson are what I have but there are good wool socks by others. Allen Edmonds makes a great wool sock that is a bit thinner and a bit dressier but work great as work socks.

  10. Sadly Bean no longer sources these through Chippewa and now makes them in the third world. Reviews on their website seem to show a decrease in quality over the Chippewa boots. I’ve personally resoled my pair with a more aggressive tread after about 6 years of use as the original tread is basically useless for winter conditions or outdoors activities. Great boots though.

  11. I read recent comments on LL Bean that say they are no longer made by Chippewa and the quality has suffered. Imported now.

  12. Do they still sell these boots ? I can’t find them

  13. So there is a bit of cork?

  14. I have had these boots since 2015 and they are still in great condition! I have the capped toe version and it took me about a week to break em in (a couple hours a night) with some mink oil applied and brushed in the first night I had em. I use some form of leather product and clean, condition and brush them once a year and they have held up very well (still waterproof). The insole is very impressive as I normally need new insoles for shoes but these are great and create a perfectly comfortable footbed to go along with the structure of the boot, so long periods with these on my feet is enjoyable and not tiring.(ps: I am 11 in Nike but I bought 10 in these)

  15. Katahdin? Are these made from Katahdin sheepskin??

  16. Looks like everyone is trying to Copy Red Wing and Wolverine 🤦🏼‍♂️

  17. I love these boots — but as for "made in America" — mine are clearly labeled "Made in Vietnam".

  18. I'm hearing these are no longer made by Chippewa? It might be time for a more current review with this years model. I think they are on sale right now…?

  19. I would give ANYTHING if this boot had a better heal. There is zero cushioning ang my knees hurt in an hour of putting them on!

  20. Not sure about the cardboard but I like them

  21. Just give me a link to buy and check out the boot.

  22. Уже из коробки у моих ботинок отклеивается каблук.

  23. My God😮! That’s beautiful!

  24. I’ve owned these boots for 3+ years and love them! Very comfortable and they look good with jeans or colored jeans or khakis. I get a lot of compliments and they look better with time, the leather changes colors a little bit with break-in! They are comfortable out of the box and took no time to break in and they get even more comfortable as they mold to your feet. I I highly recommend these boots!

  25. I own these but mine r way nicer they have rugged brass eyelets and hooks and dark rich chocolate color

  26. Just got these love em but there stiff af

  27. The word "Heritage" is thrown around a lot when describing certain apparel (outerwear, boots, shoes). What makes a boot (in this case the Katahdini boot) a "heritage" boot?. Would you please explain this definition for me? Thanks very much. I appreciate the education.

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