Best Flannel Sheets of 2020 – My Top 4 Picks!

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Known for its distinctly fuzzy feel and rustic aesthetic, flannel fabric has been a wintertime go-to since the 1500s. But the world of bedding has changed quite a bit since then, and if you’re on the hunt for flannel bedsheets and not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. So grab your hot cocoa and settle in because I’m about to show you my top four favorite flannel sheet sets of 2020!

And this guide isn’t just about my own experience testing these sheet sets… In fact, I’m going to show you my personal methodology behind flannel sheet shopping so you’ve got all the info you need to find the flannel of your dreams.

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Best Flannel Sheets of 2020 – My Top 4 Picks!
Best Flannel Sheets of 2020 – My Top 4 Picks!
  1. Mellanni seems to be the one for me, I like the price and lifetime warranty. They all look so comfortable:)

  2. Love the Mellanni flannel sheets, lifetime guarantee!

  3. Flannel sheets ..yes 💜💜💜

  4. I love Mellanni Flannel sheets because of lifetime warranty. Love the pattern too and affordability.

  5. Love flannel. The pinzon sounds great

  6. I love the softness of flannel but I am a hot sleeper so they tend to be a little too hot for me.

  7. That blew my mind that all flannel isn't plad!😮! I like the Mellanni, I love that color and I love that price! I've never slept on flannel before but it looks SO comfy! I'd absolutely love the flannel pillow cases the most!

  8. Pinzon sounds really good….I like that is 100% cotton and the pricing is good.

  9. Not silk, not for me. They look hot and i tend to be a hot sleeper but i do like the flannel look.Mellanni’s lifetime warranty sounds good to me.

  10. I had no idea there are so many great flannel sheets that are also affordable. That totally surprised me.

  11. The Boll & Branch sounds amazing and I like the color options. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Boll & Branch all the way. Quality wins every time. It pays to invest more up front and not have to constantly replace it. Plus they look amazing. 😍

  13. All these flannel sheets seem soft and warm for the wintertime.

  14. Love it. They look so comfy. I would definitely enjoy the mellanni for all around year use

  15. Like the Pinzon for those cold winter nights

  16. Doubled brushed and sheered is new to me.

  17. Thanks for sharing these brands. They look and sound super comfortable. I love how affordable they are as well.

  18. I've never tried flannel sheets. With the price of the Mellani sheets being so affordable, I think I'm going to give them a try this winter.

  19. I have learned so much from these videos! I had no idea what napped or brushed or GSM meant. It's good to know what to look for now. I love a good set of flannel sheets! They are amazing!

  20. Omg they look so comfy.. Comfort flannel ..

  21. I really like the Mellanni sheets!

  22. Weather is definitely getting cooler here, it's supposed to SNOW TOMORROW,I live in Vegas so yeah the mellanni prices sound perfect for me, especially with the lifetime manufactory guarantee! Thank you for this cozy review of amazing sheets! 😍❤️

  23. Reasonably priced, soft flannel, heavy weight sheets are great for those cold New England weather. Pinzon seem wellsuited especially for my thick mattress.

  24. Love how you break down all the different meanings behind the construction of the sheets, also that you chose cotton flannel. Have a very thin but soft flannel blanket I abso love & keep on my bed yr round lol. Like the Pinzon, also really like the Mellanni- terrific price & great color!

  25. The Pinzon and Mellani ones sound good to me. I am not the biggest fan of flannel due to preferring cooler sheets to sleep on.

  26. Pinzon looked very nice. Thanks for the awesome review.

  27. Im amazed how much i learned…i didnt know how they brushed flannel or what a GSM was until i watched this video i would have to choose the Boll & Branch just because i like the softer sheared version. Great review and lots of amazing information

  28. I prefer linen sheets but the flannel sets you reviewed sound like they are very cozy & a great value although these Boll & Branch sheets are up there with Linen sets in orice

  29. I used to love flannel sheets as a kid because our house was so drafty in winter. I'd probably go with the Mellani, easier on the wallet.

  30. If I had the budget, the Boll and Branch sound heavenly! Though I am a really hot sleeper, so I don't purchase flannel for myself.

  31. I have a couple sets of the Mellani flannel sheets. They really heat things up since I sleep hot anyways but perfect in the winter for everyone else in the family!!

  32. Absolutely love these!!! Thanks for another great review!!

  33. Would like the Mellani flannel sheets, looks so comfortable and very affordable.

  34. Do all flannel bedding run hot? I live in south Florida and Although I like the idea of flannel I have always been in a very hot sleeper which is why I avoid comforters and use throw blankets light weight and breathable. I’m wondering if I could go lighter and just use flannel to sleep instead.

  35. I love flannel sheets. The bill and branch looks amazing soft. I never knew sheeting the fabric made it softer as well as stronger. That's awesome!!

  36. Hey do flannel sheets bead or ball up do you recommend a set that won’t ball up after time or is that when the napping on both sides helps

  37. Now that i own some flannel sheets. How do i care for them?

  38. Nice review, but I wish you'd address the pilling issue with all the sheets. I hate flannel mostly because of pilling so I usually go jersey.

  39. I was so sure, being a hot sleeper and all, that flannel and i would never share the same bed. Boy, was i wrong! It keeps you warm but breathes too, unlike typical polyester blend sheets. I'm so sold on flannel that i use it year round. Give it a try.

  40. I just bought $300 (12/2021) Boll and Branch sheets for master bedroom and Land's End $150 for guest bedroom. To my shock, the Land's End were hands down softer and thicker. :(. I THINK THESE VIDEOS ARE FUNDED BY THESE COMPANIES

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