The Pumpkin Spice Latte Of Boots… LL Bean Boots

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LL Bean Boot Review – Everyone makes fun of pumpkin spice lattes until you try them and LL Bean Boots are the same way. They are mostly known for being a fashionable winter/fall boots but that’s far from what they were designed for. The LL Bean “Bean boot” was originally designed as a hunting boot after LL Bean himself got sick of coming home from hunting trips with wet socks. So he asked a local cobbler to combine a rubber boot with a leather boot and BOOM the bean boots were born.

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The Pumpkin Spice Latte Of Boots… LL Bean Boots
The Pumpkin Spice Latte Of Boots… LL Bean Boots
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  2. L.L Bean moccasins should be reviewed sometime. It's the holiday season

  3. I've had that heel counter flap come up on my bean boots. I glued it back down with some shoe cement

  4. Love my Bean Boots….wear them to the trap field….great boot.

  5. Lattes or not, if you’re from New England you wear LL Bean boots. Those of us that were OBLIGATED by our parents to wear them as teens are forever grateful. They weren’t stylish 30 years ago. They were always quality and reliable. I just got rid of my Beans after 29 years of wear, 2 times resoled. Thank you @llbean

  6. That back leather flap in the heel is probably just to protect your foot from the stitching. Lots of rubbing against stitching = blisters.

  7. Any company still making a quality product in North American deserves to be supported. That said, and I'm a fan of LL Bean, you ought to check out Eddie Bauer's versions of duck boots. The pair I have comes with a warm lining. While I'm new to this channel and applaud it, I have yet to see tests of any Eddie Bauer boots here.

  8. I will have to get a pair one day. No clue why people like the look of them lol Worst looking boots by far but who cares its what it does better then other hikeing boots. Made in USA is way better then China I look at other countys and try not to by from China unless its like a plastic broom or something.

  9. Almost into year two now of owning this exact pair and my only problem which was totally my fault is that the thinsulate lining takes forever to dry out. Now it’s my fault they got soaked since I walked in a creek with them and stepped higher than the boot but they’ve been sitting in the pantry for about 3 days now away from any direct heater flow but drying out reasonably good

  10. I actually live in the town in Maine where these are made. They are only comfy if you get the fur-lined ones. They are TERRIBLE in terms of integrity in my opinion. I always slip in them when I'm out shoveling and they dont flex very well

  11. Why do they have to be so ugly

  12. Baffin has just put out a line of boots called the “Yellowknife” that is quite a bit cheaper but have a grippier sole than the Bean Boot. Would love to see you cut open some Baffins!

  13. Brings back fond memories of my families hunting camp in northern Maine. There were several pairs of bean boots that were left there for then purpose of being worn while hiring deer. Haven’t been there in several years but they are probably still there hanging by the wood stove.

  14. The outsole is not designed very well at all. I have some duck boots that look like a dogs paw with the ridges and sipings. You never slip on ice at all. It’s the best outsole for these boots.

  15. The heel strip ate four pair of thick socks during breakin

  16. I have always seen Uggs as the pumpkin spice boot along with brand-name covered sweaters.

  17. Great review as always. I have a pair of their 6" boots and love them. My feet don't get sweaty but that's just me. They are more comfortable than all the other brands of duck boots I've tried. No issues at all with them. I am glad they resole them at a reasonable price. I thought of that as the sole is starting to thin out but the uppers are perfect. It would be shame to throw the entire boot into a landfill. LL Bean have always been a quality product, slightly pricey but not crazy as many other fashion brands. Thanks again.

  18. Have had the hunters for over a decade. Tbe hunters are softer soled, great for a totally hunting, not great for walking in civilized (cemented) areas but great hunting. They allow you to feel the ground. With heavy socks I can wear em down to 25 ish degrees but they are better above freezing.

    Some heavily applied obenauf lp on the stitching helps significantly with water, I've crossed shallow streams ok but standing in water is a no go, need muck boots for that.

  19. I just couldn’t watch those beautiful boots being destroyed 😥

  20. If made in Vietnam or China, the same entire pair would cost the buyer $40, same with their resole job.

  21. Got a slip on pair as a gift , really useful around the farm yard, keeps my feet dry, not so good for all day fencing work, never had a latte

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