Mosquito Stopper? Permethrin-Treated Shirts Tested | Consumer Reports

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With growing concern about Zika-carrying mosquitoes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing clothing that has been factory treated with the insecticide Permethrin. What is Permethrin, and will it keep you from being bitten?

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Mosquito Stopper? Permethrin-Treated Shirts Tested | Consumer Reports
Mosquito Stopper? Permethrin-Treated Shirts Tested | Consumer Reports
  1. Here's a solution: mass genocide of every mosquito on earth.

  2. what sprays did you use that work well on skin and clothes?

  3. Well one more reason to avoid mosquitoes, especially since that one time I saw one at Magic Johnson's barbecue…

  4. Kudos to the Guinea pigs for sticking their arms into a box full of mosquitos!

  5. they must got paid a lot to stick their arms in that box.

  6. Not sure how I feel about this video. They undermined the fact that the light blue shirt didn't have any mosquitoes on it. Not to mention you can buy permethrin and spray it on yourself like DEET sprays. What I REALLY want to know is if spraying a DEET spray or a permethrin spray is more effective. Especially since they said "DEET spray lasts UP TO 7 HOURS!" while not emphasizing that permethrin can be effective through a few washes.
    I demand a re-study

  7. Permethrin is forbidden in the Netherlands, for danger of water pollution.

  8. can mosquitoes bite through socks?

  9. I think i'm just going to capture a ton of bats instead.

  10. deet on poly or nylon fabrics will destroy the garment

  11. permethrin is not really "a repellent" , is a poison ,it kills bugs on contact after few
    minutes but mosquitos still can bite before they get uncomfortable to get away ,permethrin is best and mainly used to prevent ticks from hanging on you or gear and bite later because they don`t bite intermediately so they drop first from the poison that irritates them, most solutions sold is for spraying on the clothe not on skin
    because is very toxic when absorb thru the skin, any tiny % amount of
    diluted permethrin if you watch other videos or read the formula label amounts, must be handle with gloves because is a poison, so why would you spray toxic bug poison on your skin? ,DO NOT DO IT! is also use as bug control around you house to kill bugs not to repel them, is a poison! … deet based bug spray is a repellent used safely directly on
    skin so they don`t land on you and bite and as the video says you can
    spray it on clothe like anything else but it is not meant for it because
    it can stain or ruin fabric,etc many can be greasy,some are gel,some
    dry , got to test before you do spray on your dedicated camping clothe
    unless you don`t care; deet is not market as a clothing spray for a
    reason, so test!

  12. Couldn't they find a better model than the obese woman with all the tats in the beginning of the video? Gross.

  13. Just treat your clothing yourself. Concentrated permethrine is cheap.

  14. Please bear in mind, if anybody owns a cat, that this idea could be absolutely deadly to the cat as Permethrin is completely toxic to cats and will kill them.!

  15. So go DEET or go home I guess? Meh.

  16. I'd put my faith in permethrin when it comes to ticks. There's videos that demonstrate it.

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  18. Permethrin treated maternity clothing, well, I would not wear that, if I was a woman and pregnant. Doesn't sound too safe to me.

  19. You cannot use DEET on synthetic clothing. It will literally melt the fibers of the fabric. Picaridin is the only choice to back up permethrin on clothing.

  20. You guys forgot to add that spraying DEET on a rain shell will ruin it as DEET dissolves plastics 🤦‍♂️

  21. Good stuff. Just buy permethrin in 10% concentration and mix 1 ounce to 20 ounces of water and spray on clothes before going out. Same effect as deet but cheaper. If allowed to dry can last 2 to 4 washes without heavy detergent. Use those flakes for smell instead or you wash off the oils that's clinging to the clothes aka permethrin.

  22. Clothes treated with permethrin at home (every 6 weeks or 6 washes, whichever comes first according to manufacturer) are far more effective and for longer. Ticks and skeeters.

  23. Pro Tip. Buy Happy Jack Kennel Dip II made for dogs. It is a 17% permethrin concentrate. Dilute it in a spray bottle with water. I use 1tbsp per 16 oz spray bottle of water. Spray your clothes until they are moist and let it dry for a few minutes. You'll smell like a big lemon, but you're good to go for at least a day. At worst a swarm may buzz by you, but they opt not to bite and don't stick around.

  24. Wind breaker/ waterproof material keeps out mosquitos.

  25. 300k+ cases of debilitating lyme disease per year in the US. The CDC downplays how serious lyme disease is, this spray also repels ticks. Just keep spray and treated items away from cats and pets.

  26. That why I moved out of Georgia. Home of deadly ball tick.

  27. Bill Gates has genetically altered mosquitoes and released them in Florida 🤦🏿‍♂️
    That man is a heartless monster….

  28. This summer and fall have been the worst here in Michigan. Mosquitoes everywhere all the time. The rain needs to stop and we need a good couple frosty nights.

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