stitch fix-Stitch Fix / Small BOX….hmm / Unboxing & Try On / Keeping it REAL.

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* Items in my box:
MARKET & SPRUCE Hans Crochet Front Mixed Material Top, Off White size S
DEMOCRACY Ab Solution High Rise Double Button Utility Short, Light Purple, size 8
PAPERMOON Channing Short Sleeve Knit Top, Navy, size S
DANIEL RAINN Jazzee Split Neck Knit Top, White, size M
MARKET & SPRUCE Alison Knit V-Neck Shirt Dress, size S

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Barbara 💕

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stitch fix-Stitch Fix / Small BOX….hmm / Unboxing & Try On / Keeping it REAL.
stitch fix-Stitch Fix / Small BOX….hmm / Unboxing & Try On / Keeping it REAL.
  1. Hi Barbara!!! Love the tie dye dress looks really good on you!!!

  2. That box was a big yawn. Looked like they were clearing out some old stuff. It all looked good on you, but expensive for unexciting items.

  3. The dress looks comfy and casual. It’s a keeper.

  4. Hi Barbara – I agree that the tops are nothing special. Love the t-shirt dress, especially since it has a v-neck, which as you said is rare 😊

  5. Dress is too short for a 60 yr old.

  6. Nice try on, look great in blue, thank for sharing

  7. If anyone could wear short shorts it’s definitely you! They look so cute on you! 🙂

  8. Hi Barbara, finally got a chance to watch, family was over today. Wow, nothing really stood out in this box for me 😒! Everything was okay, no excitement, the dress is pretty, but a little pricey. I think with Summer sales you can find better at a better price as well. Hopefully your next box will have that uniqueness you are looking for 😊! Thank you for sharing, enjoyed… 🥰

  9. Yes the DR dress was a winner!!!! Super cute and nice easy to wear summer dress and it didn't seem to me that you needed shapewear with that one. TFS

  10. The dress looks so soft and comfortable

  11. I’m finding I don’t like most of my boxes anymore because of the fabrics. I don’t know it’s if it’s always been this way— or if it’s something that’s changed. What do you think about the materials? It seems like almost everything is rayon, polyester, or nylon— and natural fabrics (like cotton, linens) are rarely available!

  12. The dress is really cute! I have to agree with the others about those shirts….looks a little boring and dated.

  13. Hey Barbara! The dress is super cute. It is definitely the keeper from your box.😊

  14. The dress really looked good on you and yes the style makes the waist look smaller. I really liked it.

  15. You are right. Everything in this box is from a couple of years ago. They must have been trying to clean out the warehouse of dead stock.

  16. Yes to the dress. I love watching your videos.

  17. I watch most of your Stitchfix unboxing videos. I really enjoy them. I do not know why the clothes are so expensive! Some of them are very nice, but the prices are outlandish!

  18. The white cotton top looks like it's for a little girl. The dress is one of the best things you've recently tried on. I have a top with a similar pattern. Love it! When you pulled the shorts out, I cracked up. Like you, I thought they were much shorter than they actually are.

  19. Barb love the dress so adorable on you and I might have to order it. I hope you are having a great summer hugs 🤗

  20. I like the dress very summery

  21. i would only keep the dress.. i think the sides match up pretty well

  22. I'm curious how much that tiny box cost.☺

  23. Love the v neck dress. Looks cute on you.

  24. All yesterday’s news. You can do better. 😂

  25. Hi Barbara,
    That is a cute dress!
    Have a wonderful day!

  26. Cute dress but I’m sorry when patterns don’t match up it’s always a no for me. Didn’t think much of any of the tops. I quit stitch fix as I never liked anything they sent me for the high prices.

  27. Love that dress on you.
    I have to agree that the rest of it is “meh”.

    We went to DC, btw. I had contacted you about areas to stay. Glad to get the advice. Stayed just SW of DuPont Circle. It was a great location.

    Happy summer!

  28. Hi Barbara, I'm not a fan of the mixed media tops, I think they cheapen the look. The dress is my favorite, and you look adorable in it! Sending Hugs!

  29. I agree the t-shirt dress was the winner! I’m finally getting caught up on videos now that m almost over my jet lag🤣

  30. Where are you missing your videos and your sweet smile💓💯💐

  31. You said Daniel Rainn, but I got that dress (and love it) from Stitch Fix and it was Market and Spruce. Are there two different versions???

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