Great-Zulily review

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Review of Zulilly, a retailer known more for childrens clothing but they offer a selection for women, home decor & accessories.

Great-Zulily review
Great-Zulily review
  1. Thank you very much for the Zulily review!  I just purchased my first item from them, and will explore other products such as accessories and home decor.  Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I order a lot from #zulily  so I wanted to wait until I had a problem before doing a review so I could offer an honest perspective.   #Review  

  3. I liked your video. I've been ordering from Zuliy a few months now. I can't say that I've had any difficulty with them as yet. There was one time where my order got cancelled cause they were unable to get the item from the retailer, but they gave me my money back along with a $10 credit, so it worked out well. I was a bit disappointed but money back is always good and the refund was in my account within a couple days so I was happy. I like hauls too. I'm addicted to online shopping. I've posted a couple videos too with the stuff I bought

  4. Me too! I have a few things that don't fit. I was a bit off with the sizing when I first started ordering online. Maybe I could sell them online

  5. Well I just ordered from zulily but I'm not hearing good reviews about them I have seen 3 good reviews others was not good at all so I hope my coat that I boat fots. I did order on an xL.. so I'm kepping my figures cross..

  6. I have been ordering from them for a couple months, now, I love Zulily.

  7. I really like the scarf. Being the craft junkie I am, think I'll make one of these.

  8. made cheep,may have holes,seems not soed,strings hanging everwhere,they use to ship via fedex or ups and you would get youer stuff in a timley mannor,now they have changed to newgistics,really bad,will take 1 month to 3 weeks.dont waiste youer money.

  9. Yes it takes sometime i didn't know thanks for sharing 🙏

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