Great-STITCH FIX Unboxing + Try On! March 2022! My 3rd box where I chose 5!

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UNIVERSAL STANDARD Liquid Jersey Isabelle Top $62.00 KEPT
KUT FROM THE KLOTH High Rise Wide Leg Trouser$89.00
DAISY & DELILAH Yared Babydoll Knit Top $38.00
41 HAWTHORN Aubree Fine Gauge Crewneck Pullover $44.00
FREE PEOPLE Leilani Pullover $148



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Great-STITCH FIX Unboxing + Try On! March 2022! My 3rd box where I chose 5!
Great-STITCH FIX Unboxing + Try On! March 2022! My 3rd box where I chose 5!
  1. Love the black flowered top
    So cute

  2. Really cute box. Not a fan of animal print but looks good on u.

  3. Hi Jill! I actually like when you do the prices in your wrap up, but either is fine. I'm not sure the pieces are unique enough for a 5 out of 5

  4. These were really good choices.

  5. Oh, I love the sweater!

  6. Hi Jill …..I thought this was a great box ! I really liked the wide leg pants and would exchange for the correct size if possible. The daisy top was so cute . I think the Free People sweater looked great too 😅. Nothing bad in this box . I know you probably have some things to consider but it looked like a 5/5 to me . I hope Izzy is doing well and the new pup too . Thanks for sharing 😊.

  7. I do like the pants…size up

  8. Keep the free people sweater i think its much nicer than the one you have

  9. The fit of that black shirt is so nice!

  10. Happy to see your videos. I get excited when I see you pop up on YouTube.

  11. Hi Jill! Great box! Laila is doing such a great job! I actually really like the first brown sweater with animal print. I thought it was very flattering on you. Also definitely size up on those Kut from the Kloth wide leg pants. And the black top, though pricey, would be a great versatile top. I find it hard to find the perfect black tee these days, not sure why. I liked the black blouse too, though not as much as the first three items. I’m not sure the Free People sweater is worth the price, and it wasn’t as flattering on you as the other pieces.

  12. I totally know mind if you do the prices when you wrap up, if you hold up the items so that it reminds us which one was which. I can’t remember just from the description alone. I really think you should let the expensive open weed sweater go, because you already have something similar. I like the second top, that was nice. The black tee was just too basic and expensive

  13. Love the black shirt the best. Wear it with your orange coatigan from 41 Hawthorn!!!!

  14. Great box! Loved all the tops!

  15. If you can exchange the pants and keep all 5 (don't even sell the sweater because it looks great on you) then keep all 5 because everything was exceptional on you.

  16. only liked the black t as the fit was perfect

  17. Daisy top is super flattering. Keep that. I love the sweater …. Didn’t think I did until you put it on. Really pretty on you. The pants are ok. The black t is a keeper too!

  18. I would try to get the pants in the right size because I thought every looked awesome on you. Also see how the four tops would all go well with the pants. TFS

  19. I really like the open knit sweater! So cute. I like the animal print top but I'd want to size up to make it looser and more flowy.

  20. What jeans are those? Love them. Cute clothes on you too!

  21. I thought everything looked great, I would keep the daisy top and send the rest back.

  22. I love that sweater and actually the pants too! Random tangent: did I miss when you started going away from the natural fibers in your sub boxes? Everything in this box is great!

  23. Please tell me you kept that Free People sweater. It’s SO cute! Also, I love those boot cut jeans. What brand and style did you say those are?

  24. You have to get the FREE PEOPLE sweater for sure!!!

  25. I would be super interested to see you do a video talking about different fabrics, how they feel, your experience with them in stitchfix items etc. For those of us who know zip about fabrics and laundry 😂

  26. Hey Jill! This was a great box! Your stylist has been doing a great job. The Free People is so pretty on you. If you could size up on pants, then I could see this being a 5/5 box. Thanks for sharing!😊

  27. Nice! Haven't seen you in a while

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