amazing-Stitch Fix 45 ~ Am I ready to wear dresses again

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I am so excited to be sharing my 45th Stitch Fix with you!!

I think I have a few winners in this Fix, I desperately need your help to finalize my purchases!!

Please use timestamps to skip over chattiness!

Welcome: 0:00

Un-Boxing: 1:32

Try-on: 6:29

Re-cap: 8:05

Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription, you can get fixes monthly, bi-monthly, seasonally, or whenever you ask.

You fill out a quick questionnaire on the website, about your size, body type, color preferences, style preferences, price ranges etc… they have jewelry, shoes, handbags, athleisure wear, casual, business wear, fancy occasion outfits…. A stylist reviews your profile and hand picks 5 items for you, there is normally a $20.00 Styling Fee that is applied against anything in your box that you purchase, purchase all 5 and get a 25% discount on everything!!

You get 3 days to decide, go online and to click on purchase, and return what you don’t want in the pre-paid mailer. You can only exchange for the same item in a larger or smaller size…IF available.

The more feedback you give to your stylist on why you returned the items and why you kept what you did, help to fine tune your profile and your fixes will get better and better! It’s a lot of fun to try – and you can try risk free using my link below, you $25.00 to spend on your box and I get a $25.00 credit on my next fix!

Thanks again for sharing part of your day with me – it means more to me than you will ever know!



Ari V Neck Pullover
Size: M

Olla Herringbone Knit Cardigan
Size: M

Cusper Mini Puff Sleeve Pullover
Size: M

Abigail Brushed Knit Midi Dress
Size: S

Bengal Wrap Bracelet
Size: One Size Fits All

amazing-Stitch Fix 45  ~  Am I ready to wear dresses again
amazing-Stitch Fix 45 ~ Am I ready to wear dresses again
  1. I wash my DR sweater does fine on delicate in a lingerie bag…dry flat.
    Not a fan of the dress with that white facing on the fabric…I have a similar bracelet and wore all summer as a anklet 😉

  2. Everything looked amazing. Now go through your closet and see where you actually have a need.

  3. This is a great box. Everything looked great on you. I think anything that you choose would be good.

  4. Everything looked great! I loved the dress with the cardigans but the dress seemed more summer/ spring but it looked great. I also liked the green floral sweater! Great box!

  5. Hi Nancy! This was nice box! Refreshing as my latest was just ok. Gives me hope for my next box! I really loved the dark green Daniel Rainn sweater, the color is gorgeous!! I don’t have any DR sweaters, but I do have DR tops that are hand wash that I’ve put in the wash on delicate in cold water and in a mesh laundry bag and then hand to dry. I thought the dress looked really nice on you too! But like you said you’d have to be careful on a windy day lol!! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week!

  6. Hi Nancy ~ Wow…you received a great fix! Totally understand the bracelet…there has to be a better way to get the wrap bracelets when we're alone. Love both of the Daniel Rainn sweaters on you. But I hear ya when it come to the laundry care…ugh. I have to absolutely love an item to take a chance on the wash. The dress look fabulous on you and I like the cardigan also but I like your barefoot dreams cardigan with the dress better. What are you going to do? Hugs my dear friend!!

  7. Hello Nancy I love wearing dresses 👗

  8. Duck & cover people! A you made me LOL!

  9. Seems like it all fits and looks good on you but sensing you aren’t that excited to wear it all so only keep what you super love and will pull for/ be willing to clean. Have a great week- hump day!

  10. Hey Nancy! This was a very nice fix. I think the dress and the cardigan look very nice on you. Both sweaters also look great on you. I’m like you, I really don’t wear dresses a lot. If you think you won’t wear it, then I would pass on the dress. Thanks for sharing!😊

  11. The dress and cardi are so classy – loved both your stylings

  12. Hi Nancy, I think this was a good box for you. I love those type of wrap braceletts. I just got two pair at Walmart on clearance! Woo hoo! I loved all the clothing on you. Both Daniel Rainn sweaters but the royal blue floral was my favorite between the two. I love the dress with the green cardigan. It look pretty together. Have a lovely week😃

  13. It's beautiful good video ~~^^

    Thank you for sharing ~~^^

    Like 👍

    My good friend ❤❤❤
    Have a great time 👍👍👍

  14. Hi Nancy. I am here from Kimmy’s channel. She mentioned wine 🍷 and try ons. So definitely two things I like. 🤗💕👍

  15. I'm here from Mary Catherine Loves Cats – she had some very nice things to say about you and your channel and I'm happy to be here.

  16. Oh I loved everything. This was a good box. ❤️

  17. Great pieces! I've always wanted to try stitch fix

  18. i was feeling pretty down today so i decided to drop by your channel and spend time with you. i love the floral dress on you, the colours are just lovely as well as the printed flowers and it hugs your body well. i also liked the first navyblue blouse with v neck and floral print on it, it flatters your figure well.

  19. Hello dear Nancy 💐🙋…
    I really enjoyed watching your Videos📷📷📷
    It's GORGEOUS…
    I absolutely love all your collection's…
    Thanks for sharing this with us ❤️💗
    Giving another a big Big like thumbs Up 👍👍👍👍
    See you again on next video 📸📸 keep intouch 👍
    Luiz here 🤗🎸💐

  20. I loved everything the colors and styles are very flattering.🎄

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