amazing-Lily-Rose Depp Teaches You a French Accent | Surprise Showcase

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‘The King’ star Lily-Rose Depp showcases how to nail a French accent when speaking English.

Watch as some of Hollywood’s biggest talents showcase a surprise skill! The cover stars of Vanity Fair’s 26th Hollywood Issue have more than a few tricks up their sleeves for our Surprise Showcase Theatre.

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Lily-Rose Depp Teaches You a French Accent | Surprise Showcase

amazing-Lily-Rose Depp Teaches You a French Accent | Surprise Showcase
amazing-Lily-Rose Depp Teaches You a French Accent | Surprise Showcase
  1. She is so pretty her brown eyes sparkle I love it

  2. This is a great example of the french accent, it is perfect. she doesn’t sound french when she speaks without an accent, i am not french but people say i have a danish/french accent.

  3. This is me trying to explain the Minnesota accent. She seems like fun. Wonder what we would do for a day. Pratar du Svenska?

  4. Impressive.! Vous avez l'essence de l'acting bien sûr! et, sans doubt, la français. Bravo!

  5. She seems like a lovely girl, but this is such an insult to a person’s intelligence. Time to grow up VF.

  6. Great lesson for everyone- not how she does not really use “like” American style or “ummmmm” etc, she comes across as intelligent and charming.

  7. It would be so nice if Lily-Rose had a role in "Emily in Paris"

  8. She’s got those Depp cheekbones.

  9. She’s a lovely young lady. Great job mom & dad.

  10. I see why Amber felt like touching up her cheeks…

  11. She took that bow like Jack Sparrow.

  12. This girl is talented, smart & so beautiful.

  13. Camille row taking diligent notes so she can keep faking her accent

  14. is she canadian french? because french french i have experienced lean towards D for th while canadian french go with the z much more in my experiance

  15. I wonder which language is more familiar to her. Most probably both, I guess.

  16. well she grew up in france. what do you expect

  17. bella hadid taking notes

  18. To all the French people complaining: Bring me some french fries with a side dish of french toast, you cat chilling in a grass-hole.

  19. That’s exactly how my French class with French classmates talks in English class 😂😂

  20. 1:00 The "R" sounds like Portuguese, and when it's at the beginning of the world it sounds exactly the same as French.


  22. Shes g it her fathers sense of humor lol

  23. I’m French and her french accent is exactly the same as ours thanks to her mother

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