zulily clothes plus size-Plus Size Clothing Haul. Mostly Zulily! Cute Leggings And More!

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Im sorry I had to end so abruptly. I hope you got to see the blouses well enough from Walmart…Thank you so much for watching and have a great day!
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zulily clothes plus size-Plus Size Clothing Haul. Mostly Zulily! Cute Leggings And More!
zulily clothes plus size-Plus Size Clothing Haul. Mostly Zulily! Cute Leggings And More!
  1. very nice collection. I hope your back feels better soon .God Bless

  2. Such cute clothes. Love them all. Was Zulilly very expensive?

  3. LOL I like your “Hee Haw” leggings! I’m gonna look for some on Zulily. Thanks for showing your purchases!
    Keep on smilin’ Jan!!!! 😁

  4. I just bought two tunics from Zulilly to go with leggings I have. I don’t like my butt, hips, and upper thighs in leggings unless my top covers them. I love the comfort of the leggings, but I want those areas I mentioned covered.

  5. Hi Ladybug💕🐝I like Ur new clothes, very pretty!! I agree with you, those leggings that you called Ur "Hee Haw" leggings, are very you!! And I happen to love those big 🌻🌻 💛. My friend shops from Zulily & she has those same black leggings with the white hearts!! I'm so happy that you got yourself some new clothes!! I really hope you enjoy them!! You deserve them!! Take care & God bless. I love you bunches!!💖💖💖

  6. I love the empire waist dressess! ❤
    Leggings are cute!❤
    Thank you for sharing!🌸

  7. After watching your video I ordered 4 leggings from Zuilty too… but I ordered solid colors. I am obese so those cute ones would look like a table cloth on me.

  8. Great clothes. I’ve bought from there many times. Just not clothes. I’m going to try though. The leggings look good. Thanks!

  9. Is your closet full yet? Lol

  10. can you make video on how to make a peach cobbler

  11. Like your black rose leggings

  12. Jan, have you ever thought about getting an electric pressure cooker? I would not take anything for mine. I have and elite 8 quart and I can put a 5 pound chicken in it frozen and it is done in around an hour and probably less but I set it on manual time . It has an hour and a half manual cook time but most is done before then. It is a rice cooker. pressure cooker. crockpot an you can saute also. It has , of course, setting for soup, beans etc. It enhances the taste of everything you cook in it.. Also wanted to know if you have a recipe for home made Bisquick ? It just like the store bought and a lot cheaper and only takes 3 ingredients. Love to watch your videos. You are a down home girl who is just what she is. I know you do a lot of cooking and that is why I ask about the pressure cooker.

  13. FIRST ❤️❤️🐋

  14. Maybe you can look for extra tall to get your dresses long enought

  15. Those Hee Haw leggings made me smile

  16. I love your haul everything awesomely real nice Hope your feeling better soon Jan

  17. Those are nice hope you enjoy them.

  18. Loved your clothing you I'll got lot's of style Jan love the way you save money you're really smart Lady sweetheart really liked your haul I loved the leggings and the dresses🤗😇

  19. Im afraid to order from zuilily because you cant return anything, might be throwing away my money

  20. You go girl!!! Love them, especially the gray empire with the pockets, love pockets. You’re dressed to impress. Now have husband Randy take you out someplace romantic & remember when you guys fell in love that 1st time. Keep on keeping your love alive 🤗😘

  21. Put on those he haw leggings, gorgeous top, parade in front of your husband & he’ll remember why he fell in love with you 💑 💕

  22. I love sun flowers so I love your Hee Haw leggings!

  23. I like the same style with the leggings and long tunics and I had someone measure me from my collarbone to my knee (I wear a leg brace and longer dresses get tangled up in it). I'm tall like you and my measurement was 40." I've on occasion have purchased solid colored night t-shirts (no sleeping designs or sayings) and worn those with the same color of leggings and nobody knows the difference as to whether it is outerwear or not. And to make shopping quicker, I keep to a palette of 6 favorite colors and only buy in those colors, so everything matches nicely. I really like Gudrun Sjoden's clothes too (she's here on YouTube), but she doesn't make my size. I'll have to look at Zulily's (do you have a link in your description box? – nope, I see you don't). My favorite pair of leggings is the checked ones with the sunflowers, but the rose ones were really pretty too!

  24. Love you lady !!!! What did you do to your back ? Nothing serious I hope ❤ watching your videos always puts a smile on my face 😍take care of yourself !!!

  25. I hope everything is alright with your family. I have missed you being on YouTube

  26. Sweetie you don't look like you would wear a plus size all your clothes are really cute you are lucky you're tall love your tubes😍

  27. Love the clothes they are all cute. 🤗🤗🤗

  28. I'm sorry meat have to leave n go to Zulilly!

  29. I love your styles and I love vintage

  30. Great haul Jan. Have fun wearing your new clothes. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I swear I have seen a plastic table cloth that looks just like those Hee Haw pants LOL!!!

  32. I would have never guessed you to be a plus size. You look so small to me. Love you new clothes especially the doggy prints.

  33. wel sweetie its great that you want to look nice how old are you

  34. I like the one with the flowers

  35. heha leggings look like kitchen curtains u shoulda listened to Randy…

  36. Nice tops and leggings! 🙂

  37. I love your outfits Jan.

  38. I love zulily for clothes! You picked great pieces! Enjoy!

  39. Pretty stuff. Do they run true to size…or smaller?

  40. Are the pants stretchy? I really like the prints. Good haul. One of your followers who is 83 years young. Keep up the videos.

  41. Took me 31 days to recieve my order from Romans…😠😠😠

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