amazing-Stitch Fix Men #1 – Stitch Fix Unboxing (did I get anything good?)

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I’m a guy who uses Stitch Fix Men. I’ll show you exactly what I got in my 4th box/Fix. We’ll open the box together (I haven’t seen what’s inside yet) and I’ll show you each item in detail. Hopefully this video really helps you decide whether Stitch Fix is right for you!

If you feel Stitch Fix is right for you, and you’d like to try the non-subscription service for free (only paying for the items you keep), then use this link to sign up and get $25 in credit:

Video Unboxing Chapter Timestamps:
0:00 – What’s in the box??
1:21 – The 3 shirts I’ve purchased, to date
3:52 – Starting the Stitch Fix unboxing
4:00 – Red/pink blue shirt
4:44 – Green/burgundy shirt
5:23 – Red/black/white shirt
5:47 – Rose t-shirt
6:02 – Gray jeans
6:30 – Clothing try-on!
7:58 – #freethenipple
9:53 – Final thoughts (what am I keeping??)
10:16 – Shipping items back (using free USPS)

Out of the first 3 boxes/Fixes received, with this being my 4th box, I’ve only purchased 3 shirts; that’s buying 3 out of 20 items. All 3 shirts came from the same brand, Flag & Anthem, so I don’t feel like the items were specifically tailored to my needs/wants (even though I ended up purchasing the 3).

On the flip side, Sarah has received 5 Fixes to-date and has kept 17 of the 25 pieces of clothing. Those are much better odds. Why can’t I get her stylist?? LOL

My method (which is proving unsuccessful) for telling someone what style fits me is to create a Pinterest board including the Pins of clothing I like. That way, they’ll have direct access to the styles I love instead of trying to guess. Though, guessing might have better accuracy than hand-picked items?

► Get $25 in Stitch Fix credit by signing up here:

If you didn’t feel like watching the video, that’s okay, even though I spent a while putting it together. At least you’re reading this, right?

Inside the box, I received the following items:
1. $148. Faherty – Beach Twill Long Sleeve Shirt
2. $64. Even Tide – Logan Lived In Twill
3. $49.50. Fairlane & Sons – Easy Care Dress Shirt
4. $36. Parks Project – Glacier County Graphic Tee
5. $125 – DL1961 – Nick Slim Fit Jeans

Of these items, none of them were what I wanted. They were close, but close won’t get me to buy them.

With this type of service, I think it’s good to be picky; you’re spending money on items that are supposed to make you feel good and confident, not just spending money because you got some new stuff. Think about it this way… this is a miniature version of buying a car. You wouldn’t spend $30,000+ on a car you “kinda liked,” right? You’d want to spend your hard-earned money on something you LOVED. That’s how I look at these clothing services. I’ll only spend the money on items I love, that way, I’ll know I’ll wear them in the future.

Overall, I love the Stitch Fix idea. I think being able to pay someone to shop for you is awesome. With that said, I not sure Stitch Fix is right for me. However, and like I’ve said a lot, I’m picky and if you’d like to give their service a shot (because they include a TON of other styles that aren’t necessarily my style), you may end up loving it! You’ll never know if you don’t try 🙂

So with that, you are welcome to try the service for free (and only pay for what you keep) using this $25 code:

If you do end up trying the clothing service, let me know in the comments below if you like/love the items you received!!

Thanks for watching (or reading)!

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amazing-Stitch Fix Men #1 – Stitch Fix Unboxing (did I get anything good?)
amazing-Stitch Fix Men #1 – Stitch Fix Unboxing (did I get anything good?)
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