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  1. Keep it all I think it all looks amazing on you.

  2. I didn't know you owned more than t-shirts and workout gear! 🤣🤣 Coming from someone who usually wears workout gear and t-shirts, I love this video! Absolutely loved the jacket!

  3. Love your posts! But am feeling like I don’t like that song anymore. Especially after binge watching. Yes to the big hoppy earrings.

  4. I wonder what you would think of your silhouette with higher rise jeans to elongate the leg?

  5. I don’t like the red top

  6. Agree on skipping the red top. Love those boyfriend jeans. Omg love that jacket on you! It IS amazing!!!!! I think its perfect on you!!!!!!! Cure grey sweater.

  7. Love pink jacket red shirt not so much.🥰

  8. Love that outfit. That first shirt looks great on and those jeans are amazing !

  9. I think those short shirts and jacket make your legs look longer

  10. in a couple videos I did get a vibe that she doesn't deal with black people, but I truly believe Christine does rock with black people and she does stand in support with us..

  11. Omg that pink jacket is EVERYTHING!!!!!! 100% keep it! 👍👍

  12. Denim jacket is adorable on you. Looks perfect. The first top is cute just can't figure out why it looks like somethings off. Hope that makes sense. Lol Can you exchange the red top for shorts? I mean you do need those you said or do you lose your discount?
    Why are these companies cutting you off? I never seem to be able to find jeans that fit me online. I unfortunately am the one that goes and tries on 30 pairs of jeans and MIGHT find one that fits. I commend you for still supporting this company even after they cut you off.

  13. I think that was too much for that shirt.I like the jeans. The jacket is beautiful but it kinda looked small to me. Maybe because it was short. I love that blue rain jacket.

  14. The grey sweater and the jean jacket are great on you! I like grey as well bcs it is close to black and basically those are the two colors I wear, sorry not sorry. 😀

  15. I personally think your hair looks cute!

  16. What is wrong with Stitch fix?

  17. You are the first person I've seen a stitch fix box that

    all the things looked GREAT on you! Keep them all!

  18. OMG, that pink jacket! So cute! Don't worry about the length, so many of those are designed to be just this side of "cropped."

  19. LOVEDD the cardigan and denim jacket!!!

  20. The red shirt isn’t my fav either, loveee the pink jacket!

  21. Wonderful video,.I liked your pink jacket as it looks Great on you! You have a very nice figure shape, only saying that for your clothing is a great fit on you. I am very sorry about your experience with Stitchfix and their response to your question. I am involved with Stitchfix but have never kept an entire box for 5 years now. They have been very helpful when things don't work with their clothes. They tend to not read much of my notes and letters that I leave requesting certain items like shoes or shorts. I received shoes and they were too pointy for my wide feet though I am slender as you are and have small feet so the shoes were way too pointy at the toe and couldn't even get my foot in them. I still receive fixes but haven't been too thrilled with their stylists. I wear sharp clean cut clothing no rips or distressed look for me but they tend to send me just what I said no to. I never thought that their clothing is very top quality at least for my styles. They are ugly and older lady style. I am 61 years old but as others have told me I don't look it so I don't like getting clothes that look old style like back in the 50s or 60s years. Everything you showed looked good on you. My personal preference about the gray top it didn't look as cute on you as the others. It showed your age as for the colors they make you look young and very pretty. Looking good! Loved your awesome video. Good luck

  22. Love your Gilmore Girls swagger when modeling the clothes! You look amazing in all of it!

  23. I just ordered from stitch fix….before I saw this to use Dave's link bummer. Anyway, I loved the burgandy blouse on you. Keep it. The gray sweater was beautiful but I didn't think it looked that great on you. No offense. The cross in front didn't lay right probably because the shoulders were too broad for you.

  24. Have you seen the camo dress that Target sells???

  25. The red blouse is a good color on you. I can understand it being short. If it's not your favorite either trade or save for a gift. The jeans look nice. Try to go for a size smaller. The jacket is truly cute. Keep the grey sweater and sell the red.

  26. Random q: do you have a video review of your Garmin? I'm thinking of getting one and would like to hear what you think of it! Love all your vids! ❤️

  27. I got that reference! Lego Movie!

  28. I like the red shirt on you at the start because you are in great shape and you look young. All your jackets are really stylish, your grey sweater fab but I have to stop watching your video because I am completely jealous of your figure ha ha.

  29. Thanks so much for the review and the credit! I got my first fix last week!

  30. Love the shirt on you! I would keep it 😊

  31. I like them all except the first, the Hi Lo top. You are right, it doesnt suit you. Too low in the front.

  32. Love them all, but the red shirt. Keep it, sell it, and get the discount!

  33. The shirt is cute, but definitely a little short in the front. I think you need to wear it with a high-waist bottom.

  34. i reallt hope you kept that blush jacket because it looks amazing on you, and also it would look good on your daughter as well. so if you had kept it thats one that y'all could kind of share which honeslty i think would definetly help argue keeping it for the price. and 98$ for a jacket that fits that well and is cut perfectly I would pay the money for it. especially since if you take care of it, could then be passed down to kids. my dad did that with his old leather motorcycle jacket and i still have it and wear it and love it and its over 40 years old.

  35. Everything looks great on you! The top you don't like would look great with a dark pair of skinny jeans! I would keep it all 🙂

  36. The shirt you didn't like looks good on you. Keep it all.

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