stitch fix freestyle-Stitch Fix Unboxing! Luxe items!

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stitch fix freestyle-Stitch Fix Unboxing! Luxe items!
stitch fix freestyle-Stitch Fix Unboxing! Luxe items!
  1. Love the cami and I live the brand democracy

  2. love the cami and the jeans. i would send the purse and the roomper back. roomper way to over priced. thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the cami…not a fan of the back side of those jeans?

  4. I get my Fixes from the Dallas Warehouse, too. I think the cami is the clear winner here for you. Tfs and wishing you a wonderful week ahead now 🥰

  5. The cami is a keeper! You’ll be able to wear it with so much. I was so hopeful for the romper!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I think there are 2 pockets on the colorblock. Cami is perfect for you.

  7. Love ❤️ the purse. I would not be able to resist. Cami is adorable. Romper would be a little too peekaboo. 2 inches is not enough for any adult woman! Xo

  8. Andrea from Dress Like you Mean It on YT got the same romper in a sleeveless version. She loved it, but not the price – and it was cheaper than your version. I'm looking for it when it goes on sale.

  9. Cami so pretty definitely a win.

  10. That was a nice cami on you. I liked that the purse had a outside hidden pocket like that one had. But I agree it was more springlike colors. Thanks for sharing:)

  11. Love the cami! It’s going to look great under blazers and jackets. Purse was pretty but agree it’s more summer/spring. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Carolyn ~ Overall that’s a great fix! Clear winner is the cami, love the lace on it. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love that cami, and I think that's a great keeper! I thought the romper was really cute, too… too bad about the fit, but good for your wallet. 😉

  14. LOVE the cami, might request that one for myself 😊

  15. That light pink color on the purse is actually one of the predicted fall colors for this year.

  16. Love the cami best. But overall a great box!

  17. Hey Carolyn! Overall, this was a great fix. The cami was so pretty, and it will be a great item to put under things. The romper is super cute. It’s too bad the fit was off a little bit. Thanks for sharing!😊

  18. I really liked the bag! The cami is a winner

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