Great-Stitch Fix #81 // A spring break fix // Unboxing and Try-on

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Let’s check out my Stitch Fix and see what I should keep! Stay tuned til the end for a Freestyle keeper. What styles are you loving for spring?

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Stitch Fix

Gaiam peace jersey tank XL in black $34
The North Face- Aphrodite 2.0 capri XXL in olive $50
Herschel- Nova mid backpack in red $69.99
Eden Society- Holly contrast hood cargo jacket Xl in dark grey $78
We Wander- Flex stretch Luna ankle pocket leggings XXL in black $64
SKIES ARE BLUE- Everly Stretch Velvet Blazer XL in burgundy


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Great-Stitch Fix #81 // A spring break fix // Unboxing and Try-on
Great-Stitch Fix #81 // A spring break fix // Unboxing and Try-on
  1. Hey Meredith! The color of the backpack is perfect for spring. I also think the tank top and the leggings look great on you. The leggings would pair with a lot of different colored tops. I think I would definitely keep those three items. Thanks for sharing! Jennifer😊

  2. Leggings and backpack….yes! I have similar north face capris but mine are skinnier in the legs and have elastic at the bottom and I love them. But those look way too big on you.

  3. That blazer showed up in my Free Style too….and thought it was cute. And seeing it on you, yep super cute!

  4. Wow…the tank and leggings look great on you. The leggings fit you perfectly in length, and the pattern is very slimming. Those capris are cute in theory, but they’re not designed for your petite frame. Keep the leggings, tank and maybe backpack! And I LOVE the fit and color of that gorgeous blazer.

  5. I have that jacket it’s perfect for “winter” here in coastal NC. I think was able to wear it two times this year 😂❤️. Hope you have a wonderful weekend stay warm 😀

  6. Hi Meredith , the leggings and tank looked great and nice spring color on the backpack. I agree with you that it looks more of a pink/ coral. Yes to the velvet blazer. You can never find items like that when you need them so it will be a great piece to have in your closet for years to come and nice fit as well. Thanks so much for sharing 😊.

  7. I own three pair of those North Face capri pants. I love the olive color, I might need a fourth pair now!

  8. I have the green pants and I love them for hiking but I am 5'4 so they are shorter on me. I liked the leggings on you the best!

  9. I love the blazer!! You look great in that color!!

  10. Wow!! I think it is a 5 out 5 box. However you do not need two jackets that look the same. The pants are suppose to look baggy and would be great for hiking. I do not think they look bad on you. I love the color of the back pack and wow the blazer could not look
    more perfect on you. Great box! 😀

  11. Leggings are adorable. That is fun yet subtle pattern. I love pink so yes! to the backpack.
    Also the velvet blazer is really cute too! Xo

  12. I like your lighter grey jacket much better. The leggings and tank are cool and the north face pants would be good for hiking but size down if you can. Get well soon.

  13. Hi Mere cute box! Love that backpack! Here in NE we are getting pouring rain

  14. I liked both pants if you have need in the wardrobe- the blazer is soooo cute though! 🧡

  15. Hello Meredith! I love the black tank top and the leggings. So cute! I also love your cargo jacket! I like it so much more than the one they sent. Cute backpack too! I think you’d get a ton of use out of it! The blazer is so beautiful too. I love the color!

  16. I like the footy pattern on those leggings – cute!

  17. I really love the first outfit on you and the back pack. It sounds like they listened to your requests. I think I have finally got a stylist that has my style down. I just got a great box of things I loved. Have a great Sunday🤗

  18. Hi I bet your happy to go on vacation! Have a fun trip and you got to tell us about it when you get back:) I like the black tank, leggings and the back pack. That blazer is beautiful and fit you perfect, that is a nice piece. TFS

  19. After watching I requested the NF capris in my next fix. I like that they’re a little longer, because capris are sometimes way too short on my taller frame. Thanks!

  20. I love the olive capris . . YES!!

  21. No way on a 69 dollar canvas backpack when you can get a better quality one at Eddie Bauer type store . . .

  22. Love the leggings and the tank on you. I prefer your cargo jacket! Love the color and details of it. The backpack seems perfect! Such a pretty red.

  23. I loved the backpack the most and I do like your original jacket better then the one they sent you too. Such a pretty blazer!!

  24. Thank for the video! I’m still playing catch up! 🌻❤️🌻

  25. Dang girl!! I love the blazer!

  26. Here to check out your stitch fix as I have seen a few others and they are so great!

  27. I hope y’all had a great trip and spring break.

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