amazing-ZULILY HAUL | This Week's πŸ˜‚ Online Shopping

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Here’s my latest orders from Zulily (I won’t say latest purchases because they all come in at different times than the order in which I bought them). Especially for a site like Zulily that doesn’t show reviews, I love seeing what other people think of their products so I hope you find this helpful! Leave me a comment if you like these too!

So Nice Gray V-Neck Sweater Dress: (beware, the lace-up armpits aren’t mentioned anywhere!)
So Nice Black Crosshatch-Contrast Long-Sleeve Tunic:
Zenana Flowy Round-Hem Tee (Charcola and Purple):
InterDesign Clear Packet Organizer:
42POPS Transforming Snap-Button Shawl Scarf (Dark Purple):


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amazing-ZULILY HAUL | This Week's πŸ˜‚ Online Shopping
amazing-ZULILY HAUL | This Week's πŸ˜‚ Online Shopping
  1. Love this video! Thanks for the recommendations. What's with the armpits on the first sweater though?? I'm still laughing πŸ˜‚

  2. The gray top is super cute!!

  3. You crack me up girl!! Question how do you use your cocoa nibs? I grabbed a pack and they are so bitter to me and almost waxy tasting 😩 but I am a chocoholic and trying to cut down on the milk chocolate!

  4. yes u got the booby prize from zulily thats 4 sure they put the detail in the wrong place

  5. QVC now owns Zulily. QVC sells watered down designer clothing. Anything that is associated with QVC will most likely be inferior made, especially those H by Halston or Zulily rags. That has been my shopping experience with QVC.

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