stitch fix men-StitchFix for Men! My husband tries StitchFix! ~ My Subscription Addiction ~

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👋Good evening ladies and welcome to our first StitchFix for Men Edition!
When Chris tried everything on, there wasn’t anything he was crazy about a lot of the clothing was too big including the shoes and he wasn’t as crazy over them as I was. 😞 He didn’t keep anything. I figured he wouldn’t spoil himself but that it was worth a shot. I moved his next fix until around our anniversary. Maybe I’ll pick him out a little gift!
Thank you guys for joining me. Below is his link if you want to sign your men up and help me force mine into spoiling himself!
I’ll list what he got below! Thanks for watching everyone! I’ll see you on Wednesday!👋😘

My hubby got:

Bixby Nomad – Puente One Pocket Twill Shirt $48.00

Threads 4 Thought – Baseline Triblend V-Neck T $28.00

Graters- Noam Jersey Polo $49.50

Flag & Anthem – Gettysburg Straight Fit Jean $69.50

Speedy – Striper Lace Up Leather Sneaker $75.00

Like my StitchFix vids and wanna try it for yourself?(Please note: my link no longer offers the waived initial styling fee. So many of you lovely people used my link that I now am a part of their affiliate program. I struggled with changing my link but honestly have never gotten a box that I haven’t loooooved at least one thing out of. For those of you clicking below…my family and I thank you!)

My Hubbys Link – StitchFix for men!

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stitch fix men-StitchFix for Men! My husband tries StitchFix! ~ My Subscription Addiction ~
stitch fix men-StitchFix for Men! My husband tries StitchFix! ~ My Subscription Addiction ~
  1. Hahahaha…. his package. That was so funny!!

  2. I was always curious about this! Thanks for posting!

  3. Great video – loved it. Keep on being you! –

  4. Haha you're a nut! Would love to know what he decided to keep?

  5. I started the style profile for my Hubby, but they aren't doing talls yet. 😕 Maybe one day….

  6. Hahahahaha I love when you impersonated a man hahahaha I wanna be your friend I'm so glad he got a box!!

  7. Can he return that flannel for a smaller size?! That looks amazing I want it for myself!!

  8. I would sign my husband up but nnnnooooo. H e said their clothes are too expensive for him lol. I did sign him up for the mens birchbox though lol

  9. this was awesome!! great idea so thanks for sharing what the boys get in their fix! I loved everything he got and am also slightly.. just slightly jealous about the Sperry's too!! hope he kept it all!

  10. I absolutely LOVE your videos!! So adorable, funny, & always sooo happy! I also love that you always have something nice to say even if you don’t really like something! So refreshing to see positive uplifting comments! I look daily hoping that you have posted something! It’s funny but I also like seeing what kind of wine glass you’re using!! Hahaha♥️🥂

  11. Ok so how bad am I that this is my favorite video so far LOL. It was super funny & had me in "stitches" 😂😂 love ya, Gorgeous

  12. Your makeup looks really good not that it doesn't always but something about it was just wow. Now as far as the stitch fix that's really awesome stuff. What did he end up keeping, that's the telling part lol

  13. I’m just at the part where you take out the first shirt, and I’m dying over here. 😝😝😂 This was a great idea.

  14. Hi Carin 🙋🙋, ok pretty girl I loved this video!! So funny.. Your hubby sounds like mine so much.. Mine wouldn't wear anything but old school Levis with usually a flannel or a t-shirt. he is now the proud owner of two pairs of "good BUTT" jeans, that he only wears for going out to eat or a holiday lol.. He has the same philosophy as your hubs in that he rather I get whatever I want (thank God).. Anyway I love what Alexandra sent, everything looked so lux and something I would love to see my man wear.. Well girl thank you for putting out videos for us to enjoy, I'm sure it takes time out from your many other responsibilities but I sure look forward to watching!! Hey it hit 80 here in NE Michigan!!! Whoop whoop!! There is still snow in places lol.. OK see ya girly girl!! Xoxo Lori K.😄 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸

  15. I love the thumbnail haha 💕💕 cute video!

  16. CHRIS!!! Come on, take one for the team and do a try on for your beautiful wife! Where's the love??

  17. I think the hubby needs to model lol. everything he got looks exactly like my hubby's style. Not sure if i can afford for both of us to be stitch fixing tho lol

  18. I started a Stitch Fix for my Husband and MAN did I create a Monster! LOL And oh yes.. He got the Sperry Shoes.. He's been hitting it 5/5 Sheesh! And that Welcome Envelope.. "We see Great Compliments in Your Future"? Don't feed the Ego Stitch Fix! lol He's feeling his Fashionisto Inner Self now… Before I always picked out his clothes.. Because when he did it.. He looked like Frump Dad..Haha… Give a man a pair of Slim Jeans and a Fitted Shirt and watch him bout to lose his mind.. Lol I told him from now on.. Every Fix he scores on .. It requires a Serious Date Night.. Just Sayin! haha

  19. Haha! This is one of the cutest and funniest unboxing videos I’ve seen! 🍷 Cheers!

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