stitch fix freestyle-Stitch Fix October- with preview and try on

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stitch fix freestyle-Stitch Fix October- with preview and try on
stitch fix freestyle-Stitch Fix October- with preview and try on
  1. Aw, totally a 5 for 5 and yay, Kristin!! My recent Stitch Fix preview was plain awful, but your stylist nailed it here for you. Hoping by declining all from my preview that they will replace with items I actually requested at the very least though. Love those Driftwood jeans and so you, too. Hugs and Happy Saturday now ❤️

  2. Hey Kristin! The dress looks great on you, so I would definitely keep everything from the box. The jewelry items were very pretty! I don’t ever wear bracelets because they drive me crazy at work. Lol! Good luck with your move, and I’ll see when you return.😊

  3. 5/5 it all looked great!! The dress is gorgeous

  4. I love Nakamol. One of the few brands SF carries that I think is worth the price.

  5. Everything is gorgeous! Definitely a 5 out of 5 box!

  6. Great fix. Congrats on the move.

  7. Ooh, that necklace! I love that you can change the length to fit with what you’re wearing! I’m a sucker for that color cardigan too! Great box! I’m glad you loved so many items in your preview!

  8. Sending prayers for your love and new job. Loved the Maggie London dress on you. 🎃

  9. LOVE the dress (my favorite length) and the jewelry. Great ideas for your Frye boots. Hey Texas, here she comes! Those jeans are awesome.

  10. This was a definite 5/5 box. Literally everything was amazing! I'm so happy for you, finally moving back home 🏡!

  11. Love everything that she sent you. Definitely a 5 for 5. So happy you got so many nice things. You will be all set for Texas

  12. Wow, best Fix in a long time. Love the maxi dress – will be lovely for your new job over the holidays

  13. Great picks! Good luck with your move. TFS

  14. Great that your last Fix for a while was a 5 for 5, great pieces, I loved them all, the jeans are amazing and so you!! Safe travels!!!

  15. Wishing you all the best with your move and in your new job Kristin. So glad you received a 5/5 ! 🎉 …thanks so much for sharing 😊.

  16. The jewelry is so pretty. I wasn't sure about the purple and the green together when you picked it out on the preview, but I love them together. Very nice fix! Have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you in December!!!

  17. It’s a 5/5 for sure the dress 👗 is gorgeous 💕. So happy your moving back home! The Lone Star state has missed you🤗

  18. Hi Kristin ~ “Wow” that dress looks amazing on you! You made some great selections! Looks like a 5/5! Enjoy and safe travels! Hugs!

  19. Take care! See you again soon!

  20. I love that you show your picks on the computer! The dress is lovely. I thought everything looked great. The cardigan is beautiful.

  21. The stone gem jewelry is gorgeous with your skin tones. Yay fo r you! I am larger boned and it is a bigger challenge to find great pieces that fit in bracelets and rings but that wrap around style may lend itself to a better fit for me. Hoping you have a great transition to Texas and your new job. I once lived in Duncanville, TX for two years and as the song goes, I left my EX in Texas.. lol and am back in Cali.

  22. That dress was fabulous on you. The jewelry was beautiful and that top fit you like perfection and the color was amazing. 5 for 5! YAY!!! Those jeans are so cute and great deal too.

  23. This was such a great box!!! Totally a 5/5. I love the dress on you. Very flattering!! The color of that cardi is so pretty. I love Nakamol jewelry!! I’ve purchased a few pieces and the quality is definitely there. So excited for your move! ❤️

  24. Everything was lovely on you! 💐

  25. Hi Kristin! Def a 5 for 5! The dress is gorgeous on you! The jewelry is pretty and I like the tank and cardigan on you as well. I love driftwood jeans but they are usually too long and all the detail on the hem would be lost if I got them hemmed. I know that you are petite as well, we’re these a cropped length? Tfs ❤️. Praying for traveling mercies with your move. 🙏

  26. Hi Kristin!I hope everything is going well with the move. XO

  27. Kristin Dey’s 5/5 love your jewelry pieces and the dress was made for you. Good luck on the move hugs 🤗

  28. Hi Kristin! That's definitely getting a 5 out of 5 from me. It's super cute!

  29. Oh it's cool going thru the process!

  30. Oh you got it and I love it!

  31. I didn't like the dress on the computer but on you WOW! it's incredible! It fits you like a glove and is so beautiful! How well you know yourself stunning! 10/10 YES!

  32. We are moving buddies – all the best with it and I love it all – great job Rebecca! I wish we had it here!!!

  33. You have an awesome stylist (jealous!). Great box. I really like your videos but the preview section was way too long.

  34. The jewelry is fabulous! That cardigan is my favorite clothing you got. My last StitchFix wasn't as nice of choices as yours. Dress is pretty too. Great box. 👌

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