Great-Stitch Fix Unboxing March 2022!

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Hello Friends! Welcome to my channel! Stitch Fix is a subscription styling service that you can get as often or as little as you like. You pay a $20 styling fee for a personal stylist to pick 5 items for you. The $20 gets credited toward whatever you decide to keep. You fill out a style quiz/preferences online to help your stylist learn about you. Your 5 items could be clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, scarves, etc. If you keep all 5 items, you receive 25% off of your total purchase. You also receive a pre-paid mailer to send back whatever you decide not to keep. Shipping is free both ways!

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Great-Stitch Fix Unboxing March 2022!
Great-Stitch Fix Unboxing March 2022!
  1. I love red lipstick on you w your light skin and dark hair – it's very flattering. I also LOVE the gray cotton top and would love to buy it but I'm not able to find it on the site to purchase it. Any recommendations?

  2. I once got two items in my box that were the exact same color. One was labeled "burgundy" the other "dark purple." lol

  3. I like the yellow sweater and the cardigan the best. This was a good box.

  4. I thought all the tops were cute on you, especially liked the yellow. I don't think it looked too big at all. Loved your little Crop Pocket jingle LOL. I did Stitch Fix a few times and actually kept a couple of items but they are too pricey for my budget. (I have to REALLY love something to pay full price!) Love your cheerful personality!!

  5. Oooooh Jamaica. Get ready for a scorching hot sun. Def wear a big hat to protect you. I envy you. Haven’t been there in years!!!!

  6. love the stripped shirt,, its very flattering

  7. Hey Rachel! This was a great fix! I really like everything that you received. My favorites are the cardigan and the dolman top. I love the lavender cardigan. It’s a great color for spring. The yellow dolman is very pretty on you. I do think you need to size down in it. I have the same dolman top in coral. It is soft and comfy to wear. Thanks for sharing!😊

  8. The cardi looks very nice on you..
    Fits you well…the burgandy and the yellow look nice too

  9. Start asking now for Jamaica! So if they need to look a couple of Fixes they can

  10. Crop pocket! Lol. I have that yellow sweater in a rust color and love it!

  11. You had me giggling today…extra coffee? Lol. I love the dolman too. I actually got it in coral. It’s so soft and comfy! Love that cardigan also! ☺️

  12. Love the burgundy shirt n cardigan😊

  13. Cute box! That pink top you have on what brand is that? Love it

  14. I loved the yellow sweater on you, the color and style was beautiful on you! So so flattering!! The red top was cute too if it didn’t have the gaping.

  15. My favorite on you was the crop pocket with the lavender cardigan 😍

  16. My husband was walking thru the room when you sang "crop pocket" and even he laughed! The cardigan is a pretty color and I liked the marigold top. Those were my favorites.

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