How to Inflate a Sonic Snow Tube | L.L.Bean

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How to Inflate a Sonic Snow Tube | L.L.Bean
How to Inflate a Sonic Snow Tube | L.L.Bean
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  1. A tip for everyone:

    Blow your snow tube up outside in the cold. If you blow it up inside using warm air, as soon as you go into the cold, it will lose a lot of pressure. Depending on the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, you can lose up to almost half the psi in as fast as one or two minutes. Afterwards, If you are storing your snow tube indoors where it's warm, you need to let some of the air out because the pressure will rapidly increase as the air in the tube warms up. This will prevent the tube from automatically over-inflating and stretching, or worse, popping.

  2. How do you deflate it?

  3. what is the psi i need to set it for?

  4. My son got an XL for Christmas but the inner tube is too small so it doesn’t fill the snow tube.

  5. Can you recommend an air compressor that will work well to inflate this tube? Thanks.

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