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Nobody is tougher on backpacks than kids – except our testing lab. Because we don’t think anything should be trusted, until it’s tested.

Backpack Testing | L.L.Bean
Backpack Testing | L.L.Bean
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  1. My Bean backpack is almost 10 years old and working awesome.

  2. I love my bookpack. Have had it for over 10 years!!!

  3. Do you make backpacks for younger kids?

  4. The backpack must be really damaged if it goes through all this. Won’t buy!

  5. Need something sturdy padded in HEIGHT not so wide when loaded, my deluxe pack when loaded pulls me back, all the weight setles in the back and bottom, pushing it OUT. Wont fit under airline seat in front of me.

  6. Just got off the phone with a supervisor who said that i had the wrong brand when I said you have a video touting your backpacks durability… I'm on my second time returning the same backpacks for faulty telescoping handles. You may want to suggest all staff watch this video and the other that I saw so they understand where the consumer expectation is coming from.

  7. Hi Bean's, looks like you could use a little help getting more traction on your videos. I'm a former seasonal employee, live in Portland; send me a PM if interested. Paul

  8. I love my backpack. I've been lugging to school everyday, for the past 10 years. I bought a separate one for traveling and love that one too. I want to buy another one because I love a particular pattern, but have no reason to purchase one because my two are just fine. These backpacks are the one only ones I'll buy. You can't go wrong, just choose your color or pattern carefully. You're going to have it for a very long time!

  9. How do you use the audio put

  10. Had that red backpack for almost 4 years and still rocking. These last longer then I thought!

  11. Amazing! Really love it

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