How to Tie Wicked Good Laces | L.L.Bean

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Follow these simple steps and the rawhide laces on your Wicked Good Slippers won’t come undone!

How to Tie Wicked Good Laces | L.L.Bean
How to Tie Wicked Good Laces | L.L.Bean
  1. That Knot is known in the Far East as the "Double Anaconda" compression knot. You stole the Idea from the fabulous Minnetonka Moccasin video. As long as it helps people keep their shoes tied – works great on skinny and round laces also!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm 77 and I don't know how to do this. I'll ask my 84 year old husband to try.

  3. I wonder why they don't come with a "seamen's wicked good rawhide knot" instead of a standard knot that shapes the rawhide in the wrong direction.  I also wonder why the video had to be edited at 22 seconds.

  4. Unfortunately this technique doesn't work on the Wicked Good slippers I recently purchased. All three pairs have much shorter laces, not to mention the leather is so thick on the laces, it's impossible to do this. I did a slip knot over 2 knots. We shall see how well they all hold.

  5. That’s not how the bow looks on the other shoe

  6. I superglued mine but wonder why older laces never became undone!

  7. those slippers are Made in China, check your tags

  8. Easily the most unhelpful instruction video I've ever seen

  9. Instructions unclear, slipper caught in fan.

  10. More like a messy knot……

  11. I still don't understand what you're doing with the loops….

  12. that looks like shit tho

  13. Or "How to Give Yourself Rheumatoid Arthritis In 5 Easy Steps."

  14. This was so simple, I got it on my first try. I don't get how others can't do it.

    ( I was also watching it without sound )

  15. Had to watch twice to really get the process, but it winds up being almost intuitive (for me, anyway). Love the slippers, and if this really works, I'll be really happy with it.

  16. I get many compliments on this classy knot.

  17. Thank you!!! The easiest and quickest tutorial!!

  18. And why is it that they don't come tied this way?

  19. It's cool that you're still responding to comments years after this was posted. Thanks for the quick and simple tutorial!

  20. Its pretty simple but still find they don't stay tied for long. We were wondering why the laces dont come ties from the factory and glued in place? Who reties there mocassins any tighter any way?

  21. Nice job on this video. Worked perfect. Thanks.

  22. Totally unclear and undoable with arthritic hands. I will have to replace the buckskin with a boot lace that fits. Should be called the Wicked Frustrating slipper.

  23. What kind of dark magic is this

  24. The tongue of one of my shoes keeps flipping upwards when I walk and I have to fix it multiple times. How do I stop this from happening?

  25. Thanks, Just tried it. If it worked for the seaman, I’m sure it will not come undone! Much easier than the surgeon’s knot.

  26. I have three pair of L.L.Beans wicked good slippers and I've tried this on all three pair. The problem is that the rawhide laces are not long enough on the women's shoes, even after I untied the little 'knot' at the end of each side. They're longer on the men's, and this works well for those. Maybe make the women's laces longer and this would work for everyone.

  27. How about thinner laces? These are ridiculous. Last top of the line slipper had thinner laces, thicker sole, and the lining didn't make me sweat. I wore those out and they quit making them. Alas!

  28. If you ever decide to remake this video, please shoot it from the perspective of the person tying the shoe. I finally got it to work 👍

  29. This knot didn't even last 12 hours of wearing, most of it sitting on one place.

  30. i truly have NO IDEA what he’s explaining. someone help

  31. When making the loops make a large space between the extra slack and loop so theirs space to get them under each other

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