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In 2018, we sent 43 teams of hikers โ€“ 86 L.L.Bean employees from stores and offices all around the country โ€“ on an historic relay along the legendary Appalachian Trail, from the foothills of Georgia to the mountains of Maine. Because whether your trail leads you around the block, through the woods or 2,180 miles up the East Coast, itโ€™s always better to walk it together.


Welcome to the outside! At L.L.Bean, we design products that make it easier for families of all kinds to spend time outside together. For more than 100 years, we’ve recognized the benefits of getting outdoors and sharing the fresh air โ€“ because the only thing better than being outside is being outside together. #BeanOutsider


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Appalachian Trail Relay | L.L.Bean
Appalachian Trail Relay | L.L.Bean
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