FINALLY! Last Minute Preps before the Big Trip

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My last video of 2021 ends with my much anticipated long distance trip into new uncharted territory. But before I head out, there’s a …

FINALLY! Last Minute Preps before the Big Trip
FINALLY! Last Minute Preps before the Big Trip
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  1. Your floor plans are great for a minivan.

  2. If you come to the Louisville, Ky area I think you would be intrigued by the Firest Giants at the Bernheim Arboretum. Made by an artist using some recycled materials. They are huge, on my bucket list this year.

  3. Love the inexpensive inventions you always seem to come up with. Fridge slide is brilliant!

  4. Have a great trip Slim we’ll be watching for your new adventures! Happy New Year!

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    Doc from Down-Under January 2, 2022 at 6:42 am

    Thanks Slim stay safe and enjoy….trying to stay out of the heat here Down Under in your Language was about 103 Deg F today (40 Deg C) so we are just trying to keep cool, hopefully no bush fires near us at present…anyway Merry Christmas and Happy new year regards Doc from Down Under

  6. Love the improvements

  7. Have a great trip!!!!

  8. Thanks!

  9. loved the video, enjoy your time traveling and be safe. I kinda over prepare but I am getting better. Have a wonderful trip.

  10. I got the same lithium battery. It's great! I use it as an extra for the camper and as the primary battery for my trolling motor on my inflatable raft.

  11. I like the updates on the trailer! It was also great to see what you bring for the education of all of us.
    Safe travels!

  12. HI SLIM

  13. I love the video you even got in a few jokes I’m digging it excellent job

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    Gulping Lures With Lee January 9, 2022 at 3:14 am

    5:20 use wet erase markers instead!

  15. you should look at getting a collapsible bucket so you can save more room

  16. Nice, I made jambalaya a couple nights ago💖

  17. It is always good to see your new mods. Safe travels. I am catching up on your videos.

  18. The personal porta potty is something I wish I had on a “simple” long distance car trip. There were so many times that i struggled to find an open public toilet. I had to use the “tree on the left” more than once. Ugh!

  19. I really enjoy your vidios.thanks.

  20. This was a great help and very informative!

  21. Great video. Several of my recent "inventions" went on to become 2.0 versions of my inventions.

  22. I upgraded to a drop-in Lithium battery for my 1999 VW campervan. It comes with a battery management system integrated into the housing and is also Bluetooth enabled with an accompanying app for your iPhone or Android. It is an absolutely superb upgrade but living in the South West of England I rarely have to worry too much about freezing temperatures.

  23. Hi Slim, hoping this finds you well? We just purchased a 1974 Trillium! Its been well maintained and we just need to undo a lot of what the last owner did to get it back to its original state. So far so good. However, one thing that is original that needs to go is the refrigerator. For now we just want to take out the refrigerator and we'll use a cooler until we figure out what we want to use. I see that you trimmed out the opening where your fridge was? I was wondering what you used and if you were happy with it??

    Grateful to have your videos to watch especially during lock down. We love the trip down the east coast side of the USA and we'll be doing the same next year…we hope!

  24. Loads of raisins is my new fave generic naming

  25. doing a Slim marathon.. I've fallen behind. I don't recall there ever being a conversation regarding your water filtration system with the bucket. Curious about that !

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