Happy Haul A Days!! Day 2 THRIFT WITH ME at SAVERS! Thrifted HAUL for Poshmark & Ebay Vlogmas 2020

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Hello again and welcome to Day 2 of Happy Haul A Days!

Today I am taking you along to Thrift With Me at Savers! I find some great new mens’ brands and more to sell on Poshmark and EBay! I hope you enjoy my version of Vlogmas 2020!!

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Happy Haul A Days!! Day 2 THRIFT WITH ME at SAVERS! Thrifted HAUL for Poshmark & Ebay Vlogmas 2020
Happy Haul A Days!! Day 2 THRIFT WITH ME at SAVERS! Thrifted HAUL for Poshmark & Ebay Vlogmas 2020
  1. LLBean footwear is expensive at our Goodwill. We're only about 30 minutes away from Freeport and there's so much there. Some of it looks like it came out of a dumpster 🤣🤣

  2. Love Day 2 of Haulmas! ❤️ So much fun! You got good things as always! See you tomorrow.

  3. Hi Lori! You came across the items in a thrift and paid for them – you have every right to list them, they are your property now 🙂

  4. Vera Pelle does well! I have sold quite a few handbags by them!

  5. Oh lori. I feel for you and the beginning of that snow madness. I haven't seen that in ages.

  6. If you put rag & bone wingtip boots in your search you will find comps. I bought those for my daughter in burgundy when I worked at Barneys.

  7. Lori you found those clothes you can do anything you want with them. Hang them out on a pole if you want. But if you are going to sell them back to the company I want to hear a ching ching!!!!!

  8. Hi Lori! Fabulous video as always! 😊 I actually came across that Tracksmith brand while thrifting last weekend and remembered that you posted it on your Instagram so I picked it up. Both pieces sold for over $50 within an hour of listing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us 🙏🏻

  9. When you said you hit the mens rack with "new to me" brands, all I heard in my head was "nudity" brands I about fell over laughing and replayed that part about 20 times!! Thank you for the good laugh I SO VERY needed this week!!! Love watching your videos & love your personality 🙂 thanks again!!

  10. Hi Lori…I love that we go to the same SAVERS! That "unbranded" jacket at 6:00 was H&M. It was very cute but kinda had a funky fit.

  11. I would probably list them or offer to let them buy them at fair market value. It's not your fault they are not organized enough as a company to not lose their own prototypes. But that's me 🙂 Love these videos they are so fun! <3

  12. I feel like lately "St. Lori" is sitting on my shoulder. I just found my first UNTUCKit shirt for $1! It's listed and I can't wait to see how it does. Happy Haul A Days! 🙂

  13. I love the savers in Framingham, I live in Worcester and every once in awhile I find some amazing things at the savers here

  14. The red leather purse…Vera Pella!!! Made in Italy leather. I love them! Gorgeous!

  15. That hat is NOT and Elmer Fudd hat. Because it's from the U.K. it's an old Sherlock Holmes hat, you just need the pipe, lol! Love to watch your videos, you ALWAYS find the best items. Still hoping to head up to Boston next summer as our daughter won't be coming home for Christmas:( so when I get there you'll know where to find me! I love this mini-series, I hope you are able to continue, thx Lori 🙂

  16. Yuck, I would never buy used shoes. Lots of people have foot infections and fungus.

  17. I think the prices are crazy , u find better deals on new clothes during clearance…I don’t get what thrift stores are doing

  18. Great finds loved all the outfits you have. Love seeing Lulu and Lucky give them a hug for me ❤️. Stay safe take care love all your videos.

  19. Those prices are nuts! I very rarely pay over $1 for items here due to low prices and timing on sales. Going to a .50 sale today!

  20. The Harris tweed coat….my mother owned that suit…it was 3 pieces…a skirt in the pink and green houndstooth and a solid green skirt. It was one of my favorite things she owned when I was growing up. It is a beautiful piece…really surprised to see the jacket. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I would have picked up the Dunn & Co. Harris Tweed wool hat!

  22. Hi Lori ~ I use the Dr. Marten Wonder Balsam for shoes but for leather purses (such as your Tracey Reese) or leather wallets, I use Brahmin leather conditioner…it’s wonderful! One of my Posh buyers told me about it (she had bought a Tod’s wallet from me)!

  23. I have been watching poshmark reselling videos for a long time, Im canadian so I was never able to sell until it launched in 2019 but I had a career in tourism that I was comfortable with. I recently found your channel and subscribed. You are quickly becoming one of my favorites. Im hoping to start reselling on poshmark when my maternity leave ends. In the meantime I enjoy watching your videos and I've been sourcing and holding on to inventory. As a bonus you have such a lovely voice, I know its crazy but my baby is much calmer when Im watching one of your hauls.

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