Sold Sunday! What Sold on Ebay & Poshmark This Weekend | Bin Pickers

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What we sold on Ebay and Poshmark this weekend! Thanks so much for watching! =)

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Sold Sunday! What Sold on Ebay & Poshmark This Weekend | Bin Pickers
Sold Sunday! What Sold on Ebay & Poshmark This Weekend | Bin Pickers
  1. Did you pay income taxes before 2011

  2. Thumbs downing just for the Bucs comment! They won the superbowl in 2003! GO BUCS!!!

  3. G you've gotta go to San Francisco…'s my favorite place! I love it there.

  4. Enjoyed your video… Looking forward to the next one…

  5. How do you guys organize your inventory? Thanks! 😎

  6. 10:52 – I sold a new Frozen 2 Elsa costume for $20 not too long ago… I would sell those individually and not in a lot.

  7. Yay!!!! Early New YEARS Day!!! I’ve got to hurry and get over this cold bug😷🤒🤧🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Haven’t gotten into the video (saw a comment) yet but If you’re thinking about losing weight- I struggle- I do intermittent fasting and i stop eating by abt 6pm. It works wonders and it works quickly for me. It helps to make my appetite lessen so even when I am eating o don’t feel as hungry. I hate keto and I want to be able to eat whatever in moderation. This way I’m just lessening they amount and the calorie intake.

    I hate diets and I want to enjoy my food.

  9. That's good especially for what you paid for it

  10. Hey have you guys been to the new outlet in Clarksville, Indiana yet? I've found sone great stuff there.

  11. Happy New Year!! Wishing you all many blessings for the new year ahead. I might have to visit the bin on Jan 1 too! Lol!! 😘

  12. You should go on a vacation Michelle. You and Rose! Greg can stay home with the other I think that should be your resolution!

  13. Just feel compelled to comment…you guys are a perfect couple, made for each other. That comes through in your videos.

  14. Just say NOT to "Cats"!!!! I'm traumatized just from watching the previews. They've butchered it with their creepy CGI cat skin people!!!

  15. After a long rainy muddy moving out of storage to home day I opened YouTube to entertain my tired brain and I saw you guys!

    I was as excited as could be haha. You are my Sunday tradition. I was so tired forgot it was Sunday so when I saw the video I almost clapped.

    I laugh at myself alot. But wanted you 2 to know how much we all enjoy you.

  16. Losing weight can be tough. I love the new weight watchers choices. I have 40 pounds and kept it off for over 2 1/2 years.

  17. Bins and McD's…. Always the romantic G

  18. Michelle..You are beautiful! Have you guys ever looked into to going on a cruise? If not, I highly recommend them..Carnival is our favorite line..and they have the kids clubs if you want to do a family cruise..Happy New Year!

  19. What is 'sending out auctions'? Sorry I'm new. 🙂

  20. Loosing Weight is so hard! Weight Watchers is great if you stick with it. But first step is to love yourself no matter what size!

  21. Would you share your handle name on ebay? We want to study your listings for tips of how to write a good listing. Thanks.

  22. Unless you can’t afford it, you need to enjoy your life every once in awhile, especially when the little ones are small. They will be grown before you know it. Happy New Year!!!!!!

  23. Happy New Year to your family! Michele, I’m like you, LOVE So Cal. So lucky to have been born here. The year Disneyland opened!

  24. Michelle, I know what you mean about the Sandals ads, but as a person who also needs to lose 100 pounds, I have to agree with Gene–it's a place only pretty people are allowed to go. Love, Love, Love your videos, especially the Sold Sunday ones.

  25. I could do the bins on New Years'. 1 haul to end the year & 1 to begin the year. It doesn't get much better than that. You can tell I have become an obsessed reseller junkie, the more I thrift the more often I need another fix LOL!!! And at my age, I would have NEVER imagined that in a million. I sold more on Christmas Eve than the entire week. I would have never imagined that either. That's life in the reseller fast lane for you, have to love it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  26. Michelle you need and DESERVE a vacation. Do it! Go to Sandal’s or anywhere warm and tropical. You deserve it. JUST DO IT!!❤️

  27. Check out the Noom App. They say it is good for losing weight Michelle. I just returned from a trip so I plan on checking it out.
    Time for a weekend trip with just you and G. You both work hard and time to yourselves is important.

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