How to not FREEZE in NYC | What to pack for NYC Cold!

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Are you wondering how to not FREEZE in NYC during the winter? Do you want to know what to pack for the NYC cold!?! Have no fear…you’re favorite tour was Florida born and bred and how to learn the tricks to staying warm as she worked OUTDOORS ON NYC TOUR BOATS IN BLIZZARDS! Yup! I’m here to keep you from freezing your butt off!!!

I promised to list my favorite stay warm items! Here they are!

Thermals: UNIQLO HEATTECH! Seriously, they will change your life and are so soft and snuggly!

Fleece Pants:

Coats: (You watched the video, so you know what to look for! These are my favorite brands at varying price points. PRO TIP for those like me on a tap water budget…shop in the summer time! That’s when the best sales will be! check the website for Sample Sales! They often have the BEST prices around. Also, eBay rocks my world!)

Eddie Bauer:

L.L. Bean:

Canada Goose:

Triple F.A.T. Goose:


Hats and gloves and scarves:

I love going to Saks and Bloomingdales when they are having their SUPER markdowns in the summer! You can get REALLY nice stuff super cheap! Also, not going to lie, Target is amazing! They have a HUGE selection of fleece lined hats and gloves. I find it’s really easy to lose a glove, so the price point of target is fierce!

Boots: (Remember, the best sales for winter clothes are in the summer time. You can get killer boots at really amazing prices!)

L.L. Bean:

Eddie Bauer:




Jimmy Choo: (or eBay if you’re like me!)


I like to stock up on HOTHANDS. They are little packets of magic that you shake up and they become warm! If you’re going to spending time outdoors, they can be a lifesaver! They’re available at most drug stores in the winter and can be ordered from places like Walmart!

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How to not FREEZE in NYC | What to pack for NYC Cold!
How to not FREEZE in NYC | What to pack for NYC Cold!
  1. Omg I don’t think I can ever live in NY haha but thanks so much for the informative vid ✨✨✨

  2. Omg you made this so fun! I can't believe you moved from FL to NYC! How crazy that it's so snowy but you're able to keep smiling and talking!

  3. I really love your energy!

    I am from CA, I literally don't need or have any of these types of clothing. I really enjoyed this video because I definitely needed to know all of this info!!
    I'm also a huge fan of Burberry; rock it sis! So glad you saved money on those Jimmy Choos!!

  4. Whoaaa that's a lot of snow! I really miss new york city! Thanks for all the helpful tips!

  5. So useful!! Will def put these tips to use so I can actually enjoy the beautiful snow hahah

  6. This was so fun to watch! Nice to see you enjoying the snow, I've been needing a new coat and you've totally convinced me to shop for a new one cuz for some reason, I'm always cold 😂

  7. We got a ton of snow in RI yesterday too. I always wear a scarf in the winter. If I am going to be out for an extended period in freezing temperatures, I learned to double layer my socks too.

  8. Having the right clothes makes ALL the difference!

  9. Loving the audio quality on this! Btw, it looks very cold there in NY so thanks again for this informative video on what to wear! 😀

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