100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe | L.L.Bean

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To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we’ve created a collection of special-edition products — all handcrafted and inspired by the gear our founder used.

Our 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoes are designed to closely replicate the very first pair L.L. built. Made here in Maine, one boot at a time, they even feature the red brick bottom found on the original pair. Watch this video to learn more about the boot that started it all!

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100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe | L.L.Bean
100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe | L.L.Bean
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    Travis Conover - The Creator's Podcast January 11, 2012 at 9:37 pm


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    Travis Conover - The Creator's Podcast January 12, 2012 at 12:13 am

    @llbean hey ll. I just received leather maine lodge boots. What do you recommend for waterproofing?? can i use any generic waterproofer or will that hurt them?

  3. Great video. I have seen these Anniversary boots and they are beautiful and it is very nice to know that you also offer a repair/resoling service for the hunting boots.
    I am very excited to see all the new Limited Edition products that L.L. Bean will be offering in way of their 100th Anniversary Celebration. Congratulations to all of you the Dedicated and Skilled workers of L.L. Bean on the first 100 years and much success to you in the next 100.

  4. @llbean I'm thinking about buying a pair of the 12" hunting boots. My question is do you offer insulated 12" boots or liners for the 12" ones, as I have only seen unlined ones in that height.

  5. do you have the insulated liners for the 12" ?

  6. Want them… but they don't come in my size 5 and since they run a bit big I can't make do with size 6 which is the smallest size I have found.

  7. Are women's and men's duck boots the same sans sizing

  8. Maybe you work with people who look like prison inmates because you belong in a prison, L.L. Bean is nice clothing that the cheerleaders wear.

  9. This is the best boot I've ever worn.

  10. LL Bean Should offer the Maine Hunting Shoe in an insulated 16 inch version as well as the old original 18 inch version in non and insulated versions.

  11. I met an old man in Berlin wearing these boots, and really loved them. I would really like to have a pair soon! Specially now that we are in Colombian terrain, mountains, jungle and guerrilla FARC zones, helping in the peace process. Thank you and congratulations for a great piece of ART and SOUL to your FEET.

  12. Xxxxxxxxxdddddffffgyhhuiiiioooo

  13. Make some 106 year anniversary editions!!!

  14. I use all your products for last 20 years. Recently I ordered 'll Bean boot and a jacket. I am fully satisfied with you stuff.

  15. I love to see anything made in the USA, especially in Maine.
    At least LL Bean makes the boots here!
    That being said though, You know who is actually buying these? The Fashionistas and Retro-Americana crowd…
    When I was a small boy I used to see these in the closets of older men who hunted. (I am 40 now).
    To be frank, I have never seen a pair of these in the field, anywhere in modern times. They are for the most part, extinct afield here. (OH, WV).
    What I do see are the Chinese made "MUCK BOOTS." They are on the feet of EVERY hunter I encounter.

    I can't stomach buying Chinese. I just ordered a pair of the Maine Hunting Shoes..We'll see how they wear this fall.

  16. They say they have a moccasin like feel and that you can feel the groundcover (rocks, twigs) underneath them. I'm wondering how true this is and if they are really comparable to moccasins as far as how quiet they are.

  17. Awesome looking boots ! Im going to get myself a couple of pairs !

  18. Has anyone hiked the Appalachia trail in a pair ?

  19. Needs a wider hill

  20. Emphasizing that "Downeast" accent – always a good marketing ploy…

  21. Can we get 110 year anniversary boots in January (2022)?

  22. People who shop at LL Bean usually have a fat wallet. It's not like it used to be at that store because the prices have skyrocketed and the quality has gone downhill, unfortunately. I used to shop there when the prices were somewhat reasonable but I haven't shopped there in years. I would like to order some boots but I don't want to pay $210 for them.

  23. Someone tell me whether to get the 10” or the 12” Maine Hunting Shoes…

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