🎃 Big, BAD Etsy Buyers and how to PREVENT them – The Friday Bean Coffee Meet

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Big, bad Etsy buyers are out there. Today, we’re going to show you how to prevent them, how to identify them before they strike, …

🎃 Big, BAD Etsy Buyers and how to PREVENT them – The Friday Bean Coffee Meet
🎃 Big, BAD Etsy Buyers and how to PREVENT them – The Friday Bean Coffee Meet
  1. How much is it to enroll in handmade alpha academy?

  2. Yes the new bad buyer check is available on the free E-rank version. 😉

  3. I had someone cancel an order, then they left me 1 star review and Etsy refused to remove it.

  4. I have been using USPS for years but last year because they were so short handed they weren’t scanning the packages at any of their locations so I wasn’t able to help the customer. Hopefully things are improved this year. By the way my husband was the nightmare dad. Our kids are grown now but when they were dating, if a boy came to the door with those baggy pants they couldn’t come in the house until they pulled them up and tightened their belt. If my girls didn’t come home on time from a party, he would walk right through the party calling out their name, so embarrassing 😳

  5. I love those loser coaches with their click bate titles that say “how I got 5,000 sales in one month”, yeah okay. I have a Etsy store with 4,000 sales and it took me 5 years to get that and worked my butt off.

  6. Etsy now shows a review whether an order is in transit or been delivered right from the order list view! Super easy!

  7. If you are looking for the Carnagie book Starla recommended, try a used book store – probably several copies of this great book, also Napoleon Hill ('Think and Grow Rich'), Og Madino, etc.
    Support your LOCAL small businesses!

  8. Etsy will NOT remove a bad review in spite of the fact that tracking shows the item was delivered. Etsy told me that the customer has to specifically mention the USPS (or another carrier) in their review for Etsy to remove it.

  9. Do you have a secret lab aff link? Or referral. I’m about to buy that Dark Knight.

  10. Thank you for doing this episode, you are truly the best!!! SO useful! Will recommend your channel to other Etsy shop owners I know.

  11. I have been scammed by buyers and they used reviews to do it . I wish I could avoid them entirely

  12. I understand why someone would send the update messages. But receiving them from shops, as a Seller myself I have to respond in 24 hrs so Etsy doesn’t knock my star seller. Messages are very anxiety inducing personally and I wish shops wouldn’t send it.

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