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Lint Remover For Clothing –
Mini Rubik’s Cube –
Hammer Battle Game –
Tamagotchi –
Mini Humidifier –
Egg Timer –
Snow-proof Shoe Gaiters –
USB Plug Lamp –
Hooks for Bags –

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  1. What else can you make out of yarn?)

  2. like the video, but had to laugh when you have all these gadgets and you use a wrench to take the eggs out of the water.

  3. after so many years, suddenly yt put ur video in my feed..i am feeling so nostalgic…this one memory triggered many others …thank you❤

  4. For anyone who is stucked with solving Rubik's cube, there are websites and apps where you mark the current location of all colors for all side of the cube and it will solve for you. It shows step by step where to turn. It's even fun just to try it 😀

  5. Video post in Hindi Channel

  6. when do you think there will be a new video about the plants?

  7. the shoe cover doesnt work with slippers tho… also i would wear propper boots for snow

  8. some shit for sale huh

  9. Ali Express is a thieving and deceitful company, and its products are of poor quality, especially its electrical goods, I advise you not to shop from Ali Express, if you want to return it, you must pay for the parcel yourself, thank you.

  10. mmmmmmmmm uranium string

  11. Richest kids in your yard could afford a tomagucci you say ? that's good!😂

  12. What a great video, made me smile all the way through. Thank you

  13. 6:40 gotta love the chinese radiation poisoning

  14. An adjustable wrench to remove eggs from pan 😁😁😁😁😁

  15. Growing up in the 1970s we had powered sweater de-fuzzers. In fact, we had several of them. They were cheap at a buck 50 and ran on two AA batteries. They were amazing devices and I still have one today about 50 years later…I wonder where this rechargeable de-fuzzer will be in 50 years…um, no I don't…That pant snow protector? I had those in the 1980s when I went snow skiing. Had several pair and they all worked exactly like these. In fact, I still have these as well and though I'm much older, I still use them when I go out to shovel the driveway…They still work.
    The humidifier is just a piezo system. I have one of those I got in the 1990s. It's a portable device that you screw onto a water bottle and turn it upside down. It uses gravity to feed the water to the humidifier. It's smaller than a pack of post-it notes and can accommodate a 2L bottle with ease and it's truly portable, unlike this one you got which has too many fiddly bits that will invariably get lost, rendering the thing useless. And that bag hook? They were all the rage back in the 80s and 90s. Women used them all the time, except they were made out of metal. They unfolded and had some kind of decorative object up top, usually a lucite filled gem or similar lo-profile item to prevent you from injuring yourself or knocking it off accidently.
    These are just proof that the Chinese aren't being innovative..just rehashing things that the world's been using for decades!

  16. 4:51 When you realize he knows nothing about Tamagotchis, and proceeds to lie about him having one.

  17. Fun fact: If you go to a airport and yell “I have a bomb!” A scary creature called The Police will kill you.

  18. Your using it wrong, that's the worlds larges airpod.

  19. Can that first gadget get rid of bigger clumps like on a matrace or pants?

  20. I bought a color changing night light for about $3.00, nine years ago, and have always kept it plugged up in the bathroom. It stays off when the lights come on or during the day and lights up at night and I've not once had to replace any part of it and she works just like I bought it yesterday. It lets off just enough light we don't have to turn on the big light at night and blind ourselves

  21. Man I remember those, I never had one, but thought they was so cool

  22. Long, long ago, cats did nog have tails.
    But the wise Chinese invented cat tails and supplied all cars with them

  23. Omg I have a tomagochy and it is rainbow

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