Great-25 Best-selling products of 2017 on #AliExpress for $10 or less + GIVEAWAY | Aliholic

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In honor of 2017 I compiled a list of the best-selling products on AliExpress for $10 or less. Most things here are within the $1-5 range. ALL AFFILIATE PRODUCT LINKS ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW.

3-in-1 lens review:

Voxlink braided cable – (iPhone) / (micro-USB)
Fast charge adapter –
Magnetic adapter –
Xiaomi backpack –
Mi piston earphones –
Yazole watch –
Cardboard VR headset –
Short socks –
Pill pen –
Waterproof phone case –
Mousepad –
UGreen cable organizers –
Organizer travel bag –
Bracelets – (chain version) / (rope version)
Waterproof LED strips –
Makeup brushes –
Titanuim (?) ring –
Micro SD cards –
Mouse –
Sticky pads –
Laser –
3 in 1 Lens –
Reusable water bottle –
Earphones case –
Motion sensor night light –


🌟 10 Best-selling electronics on AliExpress:

🌟 25 Products for $1 or less:

🌟 10 Things for $10 or less_


🎵 Track names:

Myra Granberg – Dance With You (Instrumental)
Elias Näslin – Between The Lines (Instrumental) [Ahlstrom Remix]
Niklas Gustavsson – Organic Bomb 3
Seamus Mcnamara – Cabbage
Andreas Jamsheree – Secure The Beat 1

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Great-25 Best-selling products of 2017 on #AliExpress for $10 or less + GIVEAWAY | Aliholic
Great-25 Best-selling products of 2017 on #AliExpress for $10 or less + GIVEAWAY | Aliholic
  1. Dont know why i am commenting even i know i am not going to win

  2. Great compilation video Buddy…

  3. The Led strip is awesome.

  4. Organizer travel bag sounds nice!

  5. damn, nice video, the watch is looking smooth i could use that to measure my junk every 5 minutes xD

  6. The storage bag looks amaze! Also the bracket

  7. I really like the LED strip lights. The ones I own now have to have a power supply etc etc etc. These look very easy to use!

  8. Great video. I would like to win the "Mi piston" earphones.

  9. I have razer items mouse

  10. hi! been folllowing you for few months now. from this video i ordered waterproof phone bag and magnetic USB:) next thing from this video that i need is fast USB charger with 2 slots…so there's one slot for me, and one for my girlfriend. hope to get it via your giveaway! P.S. and i clicked on a bell:) enjoy last few 2017 days and hope for the best in 2018! cheers

  11. will like to have the motion sensor night light!!

  12. i wand the 3m led strip pls

  13. I have a question. Can you make a video about the Top 10 PowerBanks for 10$ or less.

  14. I like te Laser Pointer.

  15. Only prblm with aliexpress is their late delivery and no response from.their part…i feel not to buy from this site evenif products are cheap.

  16. i watched all your vid keep the good job

  17. Would like VR Google Cardboard Glasses.
    Magnetic Charger and Memory Card are my next shopping items. 🙂
    On the other side, I was using Underwater PVC Package for Mobile Phone and I was not pleased. My item was not waterproof so I get my phone wet. 🙁
    I already have LED USB strip on the back of my TV and it is great! It turns off synchronously with the TV, so I don't need to go to the light switch when fall asleep when watching movie. :):)

  18. Keep up the good work because your channel is amazing!!! BTW I like Magnetic adapter 😉

  19. 3 Products I found i'd like to purchase. #1 Elough E04 Magnetic Charger #2 Ugreen Nylon Cable Winder Wire Organizer #3 Powerful Fixate Gel Pads. If you don't gift them to me I'll buy them myself anyway 😛 Cheers m8 from Hawaii~

  20. I'm a true Aliholic fan….The LED tapelight with usb connector would go great behind by new flat screen…..Thanks in advance!

  21. Great video! You should ask Aliexpress for some commissions on top of all the stuff I bought because of your channel! LOL
    If I win the draw I would love the light sensor!
    Keep up the good work mate!

  22. dude i love ur sense of humor

  23. "longer research sessions" yeah sure buddy, I think I cud get one of those

  24. Looks like the most of the people has been buying хуйня for all over 2017th

  25. Why all the ads from the liks you shared are in russian? I would like to see them in English. It's just me?

  26. Мля ну и акцент

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