aliexpress shopping-Updated with New Stories 2022 AliExpress How To Buy a Guitar – You can get a good one! #cheapguitar

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In this video, I will relay some of my experiences while shopping for guitars on AliExpress, as well as placing complete custom orders. I will give you suggestions as to what I think anyone should consider. Of course my experiences could be completely different than yours or anyone else. These are not hard and fast rules. They are merely suggestions. Follow them or not, it is your decision.

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aliexpress shopping-Updated with New Stories 2022 AliExpress How To Buy a Guitar – You can get a good one! #cheapguitar
aliexpress shopping-Updated with New Stories 2022 AliExpress How To Buy a Guitar – You can get a good one! #cheapguitar
  1. I need to try this one of these days. Eventually!

  2. в итоге у меня остался вопрос. Так стоит ли заказывать гитару оттуда? Я подобрал себе 7 струнную гитару custom shop, из custom я хочу лишь сменить логотип. Но единственное что меня смущает это лишь одна ручка tone without volume or idk what is it.

  3. I just received my second Ali Express. The first one wasn't bad at all, I ordered the same Destroyer as yours except mine has gold hardware with a recessed Floyd. The Shape is off some, look at the bottom horn and then look at Phil Collens… not quite the same. That being said I'm fine with it and the communication was very good with the seller. It also was a bit lighter than I expected which caused me some concern as I was told it would be made with mahogany…

    That guitar has been at a Luther now for 9 months, getting completely redone with quality pickups, trem, hardware. I still have even played it yet.

    My second experience was AMAZING. I just received a Lynch Tiger guitar and it is PHENOMENAL. The neck is one of the most gorgeous looking necks I have ever seen and I've owned many guitars.

    It always amazes me when I hear people get so critical about a guitar you just paid sub $400 for… "the fret work was bad"… yeah that's what happens to almost all guitars that were just made and immediately shipped in uncontrolled climate conditions for a month or more… my builder I just worked with is a keeper for sure… amazing seller imo

  4. AliExpress is banned in India and I am missing the opportunity to buy all cool stuff at decent prices 😏

  5. Awesome video great details you Rock😎🎶🤘still jamming the CD every week brotha🎶🎶👍

  6. Cool vid. I am super curious about guitars from Ali. I just have such a hard time being patient enough to wait a couple months on them. But so cool that there is a TON of stuff to choose from – and even get custom stuff done. Maybe one day I'll actually check it out.

  7. I bought 2 LPs about 4 years ago. A gold one and a Ice Tea burst. All i did was change the bridge, tuners and nut. Set the guitars up and it was scary how good these guitars were. I even added the little things that gibson adds under the tone knobs and vol. I fooled everyone who played it or looked it, when i told them it was fake… they were blown away. And my guitar player owns some expensive Gibson Les Pauls that do not play as well as these do. Later on i bought used Gibson pickups and redid the wiring. In the end each guitar was $450-500 total. If you buy it from the right place and i bought mine thru ebay. Took about 3 weeks to get the guitars. I honestly cant beleive anyone spends the money they do on a Gibson (current production).

  8. Counterfeit items on a shady platform. This is what it is- it is FAKE. it does not deserve any light from any YouTube channel. let’s call it what it is- and sadly this is your “thing“ of your channel. shame.

  9. cant see my comments haha, this video is spot on and inspirational, AlieExpress rocks🤘, the best guitar store there is! Cheers Richard.😃

  10. I really appreciate these videos. I've always had some interest in trying aliexpress for one of the weirder guitars or a knockoff signature guitar, these tips are great. Have you had any luck ordering a neck with custom dimensions like nut width, fretboard radius, etc?

  11. I appreciate this advice. I am looking at the "Buckethead" Chibson. Going to ask questions for sure and see if they respond. thanks again!

  12. Chibson t-shirt. Classic!! LOL!

  13. Great video Richard, that was really informative man 😀🤘🎵🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. I enjoyed this again. Excellent. Thank you.

  15. Totally helpful bro! Thank you. I’ve been putting off pulling the trigger on a couple things because communication isn’t there.

  16. it would be nice to include a list of sellers that you have had good products from.

  17. Yeah I don't know man.. I'm skeptical about buying anything from China

  18. Sounds like a drug deal. Lol. You're better off buying from Harley Benton or any other known company who makes good budget offerings. I have two aliexpress guitarist. One of them has a twisted neck and the other has horrible pickups which I bought replacements for. I also have a Harley benton, a Grote, and a budget Jackson Rhoads V that are anywhere from cheaper to slightly more expensive than than the Aliexpress guitars and they are almost perfect. Good pickups, and minimal setup. Plus if I have a problem I can have a coherent conversation with someone about it. Some of these people ship inside of my country. Like SX Guitars.

  19. Stop buying that crap. Buy US…
    Support our country.

  20. I want a custom neck made. I had one by ali done, it came very bad very low quality. how do i get a good manufacturer ?? how do i determine the good ones from the cons

  21. Does the payment go through automatically? Or is payment held until you receive the actual guitar and it’s confirmed it is what you ordered?

  22. Can someone recommend and a factory/manufacture that can custom make a 335 style quality guitar??

  23. So, basically, its not aliexpress whom is the maker, builder, designer, & / or seller; they are just the website for the networking of the sales and buyers.

  24. this is what i did, i wanted a good strat. first i want to eliminate the issues than can easily occur but hard to fix, not just on chinese guitars but cheap guitars in general, like : the finish of the guitar , neck placement in the socket , as well as drilled wholes in the body and neck head. also, the tuners will be bad, the electronics( original fender pickups for example start from 80$ for a set, even custom shop pickups that are on 2000$ fender cost 200$, ), as well as the tuners, no point of ordering them, because you need to change them, you are wasting money and they are not that expensive ( i bought new and original fender tuners and tremolo for 50$, maybe not usa made butmade by fender) first i want to order unfinished body, from the wood i want, because painting wood is not that hard , you can do it locally, for not a lot of money and much better quality. when i will have the body, i can measure it and find exact dimensions and start ordering the neck. and thats it, then you can load it with the parts you want. so far all i need is the neck, and i spent less than 400$ and i have the same parts as a custom shop fender strat that costs more than 2500$. i estimate that the final cost will be less than 550$ with no compromises. conclusion: you should parts for the guitar and assemble it your self , it is rly not that hard and you can give it to a luthier to do the final touches.

  25. can you recommend any seller? do you have a list or something like that of good sellers you could share? It would help immensely, man. Thanks for the video!

  26. Is it normal to not get a confirmation email for a purchase right away? It’s been 3 days and still nothing. My charge went through but so far nothing else. Is this normal?

  27. Im looking at getting a ES 355 and a prs copy guitar from aliexpress

    Can you tell the sellers to not put the top manufacturer logo on the headstock for copyright problems and uk customs are destroying them
    If they have gibson logos and
    Can you pay for the items with a visa debit card at the check-out

  28. If thinking of buying a guitar on AliExpress,
    One seller to not buy from is HistoricGuitar Store
    Regardless of how great the sellers rating is and great pictures of guitar as well showing in stock.
    Don't take any of that into consideration.
    Always ask for pictures of the actual guitar you'll receive,ask if it's in stock and ready to ship.
    Ive wasted days shopping for guitars on AliExpress only to be told it's out of stock soon as I decide to purchase.Aliexress sellers are getting much worse than they I just tried to order a guitar from .

    HistoricGuitar Store list guitars and promises fast delivery at good prices,but if you order a guitar from them that's on sale or has a great price, they'll tell you it's out of stock and hurry over to take it off or keep your money until the shipping deadline has expired and you file a claim

  29. Very Cool Thankyou. Have been seeing The guitars advertised for sale on Ali-Express and am getting tempted. I have ordered many products, Guitar parts, guitar Straps, Stickers, T-shirts etc and have only had good experience. Found your video Informative, interesting and entertaining. Thankyou

  30. Do you have a Facebook group where people recommend certain sellers?

  31. I need a 7 string guitar with a whammy bar and unfortunately there is only one cheap guitar available in Europe for 150 €, but that seems too cheap. Then it starts at around 700 € but easily goes above 1000 € for a guitar made in Indonesia. That's far too much, if I'd have a four digit sum to spend on a guitar, I would visit a local luthier. So now I ordered a guitar on AliExpress for 400 € which seems reasonably priced for what it is. The seller has 96.3% positive feedback and exists since 2019, so this seems like a massive green flag. I didn't try to communicate before ordering though. I'm also planning to do a video when the guitar arrives. Thanks a lot for the great advice!

  32. Great video. Thanks for posting this. I've messaged about 5 sellers in the past 24 hours and only one of them has responded at all. Do you have sellers that you trust and like that you're willing to share the store name? Im wanting to look into getting an Albert king Lucy made but a little different on the inlays and abalone on the headstock. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  33. How they are doing it, from my observations is, they are sales clerks and they order from a factory once a month. They are a dozen factories in China that make these copies. Again. They peddle them as fast as they can. Most have never touched or seen the product they sell.

  34. I am currently messaging a lot of sellers on aliexpress😂 it is a difficult process😅

  35. It’s worth considering, that purple guitar you showed a picture of is a Mayones Regius. I have 4 of them (i have an artist deal there) their pictures are edited so aggressively (contrast and saturation stuff) that even their guitars don’t look like that in the flesh! 😂

  36. Can’t wait to see the 2023 version.

  37. Hello
    Which guitar seller do you recommend form Ali express?

  38. i was using DHgate and got a few, i had to learn that if they cannot send you an actual pic dont buy it, my Del Scorcho is a mix of a Washburn and and a Dean haha i was so mad but i learned, funny thing is it tuned out to be like my favorite guitar ever like it was built well, and plays amazing the neck is so comfy but i got like 4 more and made sure i could see the actual pic before i bought it Rare Relic, or Musicer was my dude, i just got Chinese EMG 81/85s from there they show up today, 26 bucks out the door so even if it doesn't work out, oh well, right? but i did all kind of research at this point like your vid advises, it's actually great advise and this vid SHOULD be watched before getting your feet wet, plan on getting something from over there this year and wish i seen this vid before i ever started doing that man. oh only took a little under two weeks for them emg's to get here thats cool i thought

  39. So can I have a Les Paul style guitar from Aliexpress that has dot inlays? I really like dot inlays and don't care for the trapezoid inlays, they're so gawdy!

  40. A lot of people don't know this but it is illegal to Dropship from China

  41. Aliexpress Full Fake Marshall Amps – Would Be Cool 🔊🔊🔊🔊🎸✨✨✨✨✨

  42. Ah yes the Chibson tee shirt I own one can't tell the difference

  43. Can you provide some names of good AliExpress stores?

  44. Would you buy from a seller that has 100% positive review or is it too fishy? They did send a picture of the gtr and been nice etc.

  45. You know, Richard, this sort of thing is very taxing to the patience. And, considering how much I hate to be patient (Boy, HOW maturity sucks!😎), I think I'll just stick to modding readily available guitars for a little longer. Actually, maturity is setting is more than I like. Gear lust is starting to fade a little. Thankfully, there's still something I don't have that I want, just because it looks good. Thank goodness I'm still me!😆

  46. I will never buy from Aliexpress again. I've been scammed from one of their sellers, and they don't give the buyer a platform to resolve the conflict.

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